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  1. raven316

    DVR service

    I cancelled dish a year ago and now I'm getting "pre-approved" offers with a $300 gift card. It says it includes the "Smart HD DVR" but doesn't say how much that costs per month?
  2. raven316

    New Customer?

    What constitutes a new customer? How long after you cancel are you considered new?
  3. raven316


    I cancelled my Dish after about 7 years. The CSR was fine, she gave it a half hearted attempt to get me to sign up for something else but I just told her they were not even close to youtube TV and she relented. There are some things I'll miss, mostly the lag time in switching channels but I've...
  4. raven316

    Re-instituting after pause?

    I paused my Dish a couple of weeks ago to see if I could hack it before football season gets her. It has the channels I want but I am not crazy about the picture. I have AT&T fiber and my main tv is fine but the wireless is shaky in the far reaches of the house. I bought the ROKU plus with the...
  5. raven316

    Dish Anywhere

    I have ans iPhone 7 Plus and am iPad and I constantly get "your connection is lost" messages when I have an active wifi connection and my Dish receiver working. Any clues?
  6. raven316

    Dish Anywhere not working

    When I try to login to Dish Anywhere I get Uh Oh! We're having a problem getting your account information. Please try to login again later. Error Code: ["Error 7008"]
  7. raven316

    Multi Sports Pack

    As my Dish bill creeps up I decide to remover the multi sports pack that I have had for more than 2 years. I went in the website and used the change programming function and, as soon as I did, I got a popup saying I was such a swell customer that Dish was offering a 6 months 50% discount for the...
  8. raven316


    We're having a Super Bowl party and have tv's in two adjacent rooms.I'm running one off the Joey but there is a lag between the two signals and it drives us nuts. Is there a way too sync them?
  9. raven316


    My ESPN on dish 140 has been blank since Monday?
  10. raven316

    iPad and Dish Anywhere

    For the first couple on months my "Dish Anywhere" worked like a charm on my iPad 2. Now when I login I get audio but no video. When I restart sometimes I get both and sometimes it's still just audio?
  11. raven316

    Delete DVR Programs

    I have programs that are in my DVR that I no longer want to record but I can't figure out how to delete them?
  12. raven316


    How do I collapse the Sirius channels that are clogging up my channel guide?
  13. raven316

    Sports Guide

    When I press "Guide" sometimes I get a banner at the bottom of the page that says "press*" to get the sports listings and sometimes I get something else. It also tells me to push the blue button to get the sports listings at any time. I do and I don't get that?
  14. raven316

    Picture in Picture

    I love my PIP but I'd like to have the audio on the small picture instead of the large picture. Is there a way? The side-by-side is ok but I really want the sound on a small picture.
  15. raven316

    False Advertising by Dish!

    So I finally pull the plug on cable and sign up for Dish and the Sports Multi Pack. It tells you is has Fox Sports South but, after two days of tech support, I find that the Braves are NOT on it. Just great.
  16. raven316

    Multi Sports Pack

    I spent an hour on support chat last night because I am not getting all the sports channels on the Multi Sports Pack that I am supposed to. They sounded like they were going to fix it but ZIP!
  17. raven316

    Finally Did It!

    I finally pulled the plug on Charter after years of thinking about it. They are coming to install the system Tuesday. How realistic is it to move the wireless Joey around from TV to TV? We generally just watch one TV but have 5 scattered around the house. It sounds like I can't make any changes...
  18. raven316

    Trying to decide

    I have been a Charter customer for years. Recently the went to a box for each TV and I have 5, 2 HD and 3 analog. I've gone back and forth on a dish but have not had one for 25 years. We are about to put a big addition on our house and this seems like it might be a good time. What bother me is...