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  1. howie14

    CSNMA now CSN Washington

    Comcast SportsNet MidAtlantic has rebranded itself with a new website and logo calling it CSN WASHINGTON. Since the service no longer has the Orioles and barely covers them or the Baltimore Ravens, the name is actually more accurate. After the loss of the Orioles, the service made a...
  2. howie14

    What do I need to DiY?

    Well, DiM to be precise. I have a ViP211 with a DISH 500 pointed at 110/119 and a separate diah pointed to 61.5. If I now wanted to "DISHitUP" and upgrade to a two TV setup-probably with DVR since I've heard bad things about the 222-what other hardware do I need? I don't particularly want...
  3. howie14

    How long for HD RSN?

    MASN HD starts today with the Baltimore home opener. It's scheduled to have 40 HD broadcasts of each local team, the Nationals and Orioles. Many area cable companies have made room, usually by preempting MOJO during the broadcasts. DISH has no plans, from what I can tell. My question for...
  4. howie14

    Vip211 compatibility issue

    I was debating posting this here or in the OTA reception section, but since I've established that the 211 is involved I chose here. I have a Hitachi 42HDT79 plasma set. I've been attempting to record to a DVD recorder using the set's TV Tuner output. Theoretically, I should be able to record...
  5. howie14

    Troubles with my new 211

    I had originally intended this post to be a summary of my first week with DISH; what I liked and what I didn't like. That was before I decided to scan local channels and set up programming timers for the first time last night. I receive both DC and Baltimore locals OTA using my HDTV's own...