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  1. caseyatbt

    Why is Dish shutting down the 721?

    I got a letter that I need to call in for a free replacement receiver. They said my 721 needed to be replaced with a 522? But my 508 was fine. Is the 721 really that outdated?
  2. caseyatbt

    DST messed up my 508

    I can no longer set up a timer or record live. I have pulled the card and performed a reset.(held down the power button and pulled the card) If that is still the correct way to do it. I also, just unplugged it and let it start from scratch. I can no longer record any way, any how. Everything...
  3. caseyatbt

    921 Keyboard???

    What ever happened to the keyboard that was supposed to be available? jc
  4. caseyatbt

    Installation question

    How close does the switch(DP+44) have to be to the LNBF? I want to leave my switch in my basement with my distribution equipment and run cable up and out to my satellite LNBF's. (+-150 feet) jc
  5. caseyatbt

    Guide not working on my 721

    I can't get the guide to display on my 721. I push the guide button on both my remotes.....nothing. I try to access it from the menu.......nothing. It looks like I can access everything else. I rebooted the machine twice. Still nothing. JC
  6. caseyatbt

    Dish Pro quad question

    Will the Dish Pro quad LNB work with the DISHPro Plus 44 Switch? Do you just use 1 connection from each LNB? JC
  7. caseyatbt

    Sirius on the web

    A while ago, there was a Media Player program that let us listen to Sirius Radio on the web. But I can't get it to work any more. Is there a newer edition? JC
  8. caseyatbt

    New feature on 721

    With this last firmware update, it no longer spins down the HD, it now shuts down the whole machine. I like this feature alot better. I also found out that with the machine off it will still record programmed events. JC
  9. caseyatbt

    Yellow card, Blue card?????

    Whats the difference(besides the color)? Do they do anything different? JC
  10. caseyatbt

    721 inactivity mode

    I've had this receiver for a week. It is current with the firmware. I have the inactivity mode enabled but in the morning, I expect a sceensaver similar to what my 508 has, but it is still running. Is it working? JC :confused:
  11. caseyatbt

    A little confused

    Will the 721 work with a SW64? JC :yes
  12. caseyatbt

    Why does the 721 cost more than the 522?

    Just curious...... Jeff
  13. caseyatbt

    Best online deals

    Who has the the deals online right now. I might be persuaded to leave Dish if I find that right motivation. JC
  14. caseyatbt

    921 hookup

    If you only hookup tuner, will it make it a pain to use? My in-laws have a 2 tuner DirecTivo. They only hooked one tuner and they always got messages telling themto hook up the other one. Very annoying. JC
  15. caseyatbt

    921 gamble

    I am so torn. I really want the 921. But, as a previous DishPlayer owner, and reading the 721 problems, I am afraid that I will get a unit that will never end up working as advertised. Even after months of updating software. What are the rest of you doing?
  16. caseyatbt

    921 firewire

    The specs say the the Dish Wire is for select firewire products. Do we have any idea what that will be? (Like Mitsubishi TV's) JC
  17. caseyatbt

    921 price

    I've looked all over, what is the price on the 921? I might just go fot it. Also, why does the SuperDish need to be installed by Dish? Why can't I just get it installed by someone I trust that is more reliable to show up for the appointment on time?
  18. caseyatbt

    811 Delayed

    Dish Depot just e-mailed me and said the 811 receiver was delayed until Nov 15. Jeff