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  1. phxrick

    New to DirecTV Need more DVR Options.

    I'm a new DirecTV Customer, just had the Genie and Genie Mini installed. I have a question. Can I get rid of the Genie Mini and have another HD DVR Installed. If I got another HD DVR installed would that increase the number of tuners to my system (thus having more then 5 Recordings). Could both...
  2. phxrick

    What is this connected to my Genie?

    I'm curious what this is and what does it do or why is it needed? It's connected to the Coax Cable and is also connected to the internet. What is it and what does it do? I've disconnected it from the internet and connected the Genie directly to the internet. I have the Genie and Genie Mini only...
  3. phxrick

    Whole Home Queston

    I'm a new subscriber to DirecTV and wondered what this is. I read in another post somewhere that they disconnected this from the Internet and connected the main Genie to the Internet. What is this and what is it for? Any info thanks.