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    Credit for missing appointment?

    My local cable company gives $20 if the guy doesn't show up on time for service. Does Dish Network have something similar? This guy is several hours late. Thanks.
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    Question re: Dish Network at vacation home

    If I have Dish Network at my house, can I set up a Dish at my vacation home, bring the receivers when I go there and hook it up and still keep 1 account? I understand the part about spotbeaming, etc, but aside from that does Dish care as long as I use only 1 receiver and watch at one place at a...
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    National Geographic HD a la carte?

    Can NGHD be ordered as a single channel for a fee a month?
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    622 - Program guide update

    How can I manually do a program guide update for my 622? Also when unit is off, it still records timed programs, right? This is the first DVR I've ever had that can be turned off.
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    622 + OTA for 2 markets

    If I get a 622 and can get both LA and San Diego OTA HD channels (or a mix), will 622 be able to use all of them even if there are 2 NBCs for example?
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    Need some help

    Hi, I am not sure if this question belongs in this forum, sorry if it does not. I have bought a house that has fiber-to-the-premises in a SBC territory. I called their residential fiber department and they told me Project Lightspeed will be available to my house around June at latest. They...
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    Dish Home Protection

    I am thinking about getting the Dish Home Advantage plan for my parents (+ DSL) There is no contract and they (Dish Network) own the equipment, not my parents. Thus is Dish Home Protection worth it?
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    Timer Recording vs. Tivo

    I searched for FAQs on Dish Network website on this before posting - please don't flame me. I have had Tivo and Moxi. Exactly what does timer-based recording mean, how is it different than what Tivo does? Thank you so much. Is it reading through the TV guide and just typing in times of...
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    811 on a regular TV

    I am signing up for the digital home advantage plan (that is a rental plan btw? they never make that clear IMO - I had no idea) Anyhow it's the same price for 2 811s, as 1 811 and 1 regular. Questions 1) Can I operate the 811 on my regular component video 480i 4:3 TV or not? (so I can...