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    4k Programming not authorized

    Problem resolved. This morning I unplugged my 2 mini genies clients to restart them. After they started up I got a message on my TV screens that a new software download was available. Once installed I had the latest firmware 10D1. I can now watch the available 4K content from Directv.
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    4k Programming not authorized

    First of all thanks for all the suggestions. Still getting same message and can't view any 4k content. Could this be the problem. I checked the firmware on my 2 mini genies (C61K-700). The software is 0x7e6 and the download date is 2/23/2016. I saw some older posts back in 2016 and 2017 by...
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    4k Programming not authorized

    Yes the 4K box is checked. It was set by the tech before he left my house.
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    4k Programming not authorized

    Just checked my account info on the Directv website. I have the Xtra programming package which includes free 4K programming. Also under the My Equipment submenu and under My Services it shows that 4K is activated. So it seems that it should work but isn't yet.
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    4k Programming not authorized

    I just upgraded my equipment to receive 4k programming. When I asked the technician to tune to one of the 4k channels (104, 105 & 106) before he left to make sure everything was working properly I got the screen message "4k programming not authorized for this location. Try again later or call...
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    More than one RF remote

    You can definitely program two RF remotes to control one receiver because I have done it.
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    Those in the snow areas

    Thankfully I have not lost signal this winter due to snow. Last summer and fall I did lose signal on a number of occassions due to rain.
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    Red Flourescent Pixelation on ABC/NBC/CBS

    I also was watching NBC Pittsburgh last night and noticed the same thing. I hope it was a one night thing.
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    DTV DSL $60 OFF Promotion

    I sent my form in around the middle of September and just saw the credit show up on my account in late November when I checked online several days ago .:)
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    D* HD Transponder List - 99.2 and 102.3

    I get local channels out of Pittsburgh. I live in Beaver Falls, which is located NW of Pittsburgh. I have the Zinwell multiswitch installed. My readings are as follows: Sat 99 (Network 11) 4 (13), 6 (92), 14 (74), 15 (10) Sat 103 (Network 14) 3 (92), 7 (93), 15 (98)
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    AT9 Dish - your experience(s) so far?

    Got mine installed in March. Waiting for D* to turn on the local HD channels in Pittsburgh. Supposed to happen on April 19th. Installer mounted dish on my roof. Only location with wide enough view of the sky to meet D* specs. Trees in front of my house effectively block out area of roof...
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    Low Signal

    I live in Pittsburgh and recently had the new 5 LNB dish installed. My signal strength on transponders 7 & 15 on satellite 103 is consistently in the mid 90's. I'm no expert but based on that I would think that if you had your dish alignment tweeked you could get an improvement in your signal...
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    DirecTV Announces Next 24 Markets to Receive HD Locals!

    In my case I purchased the H20 receiver locally at Circuit City and activated it myself. A few weeks later I called up D* and scheduled the installation of the new dish. I wouldn't hold my breath if you are waiting to be called by D*.
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    DirecTV Announces Next 24 Markets to Receive HD Locals!

    I also live in the Pittsburgh DMA. They will need the new AT9 dish, the H20 HD receiver and a package that includes local channels. I just had the new dish installed last week. The installer told me that he was told that D* was planning on turning on the HD local channel feed to the...
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    Why don't I get any signal from odd-numbered transponders? Help!

    When this has happened to me it has always been a problem associated with one of the connectors. As previously indicated I've suspected without knowing why that when the foil is touching the copper wire it can create problems. I've also had water get into some of the connectors located outside...