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    Audio stutter

    Noticed it over the last week on HD locals. Mostly FOX and also CW in Hartford.
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    TurboHD customers get the final thrust from Dish

    Seems foolish to me that you need a classic SD package to get Platinum HD. I don't watch SD but would have to have it to get extra HD...? What sence does that make. They just want more $ out of us. They've disappointed me greatly with this one!
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    Dish Programming Changes (Effective August 1st)

    Waited till today to get Platinum added to my Turbo Gold. Can't even get it added to Turbo packages now. I'm getting more disappointed with Dish by the day.
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    Will YES Network ever come to Dish ?

    For my parents, E* would never be considered because of the absence of this 1 channel. I'm certain others feel the same.
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    Keep losing 61.5 signal

    Finally got through. They scheduled a tech.
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    CW or Mynet in Conus?

    Not on E*, but D* has my CW and PPS in HD. Hmmm, Why am I still with Dish? :o
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    Keep losing 61.5 signal

    In Ct. and I keep loosing my signal from 61.5. It happens on average every 1/2 hour. I get the blue box saying 'Signal lost'. It doesn't attempt to requrire, but if I change channels, then change back, it comes back instantly. I just tried to call E* twice, but both times the call has gotten...
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    MSNBC HD Now Available

    Any word from from a Turbo subscriber?
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    Dish, TWC Next for MSNBCHD

    Question is, who will get it. I hope Turbo subs don't loose out yet again.
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    A must have for me too.
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    Turbo HD Packages any updates?

    If the issue is supposed to be the broadcasters not wanting their channel in an HD only package, then why did channels like MTV-HD & VH1-HD make it into the HD Absoluete package? Seems like dish is trying to pull a fast one. I'm NOT very happy with this!
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    Existing cust upgraded to EA?

    My original setup is about 4 ys old but had 61.5 added a few years ago. The tune-up worked great. No more pixilation, but I would be nice nice to only have one dish.
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    Existing cust upgraded to EA?

    My signal strength has been declining. E* sent a repair guy to take care of it. Currently I have 2 Dish 500's. 110/119 & 61.5. I'm in Ct. I asked Dish if they would upgrade me to EA. I only have 1 receiver, a 622. Dish refused to change me to EA and install 1 dish, but instead replaced the LMB's...
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    Dish VS Fios

    Thanks for the info. Wish I had the option. With the present Turbo HD issues (No new HD), I'd be gone in a second.
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    HD only provider - Maybe still to early

    No, Voom had SD also, plus that was several years ago and things have changed.
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    HD only provider - Maybe still to early

    I think it would be great if E*, or someone else would become an HD only provider. I know the logistical issues Dish would have with SD customers and equipment if they pulled the plug on SD, but with more and more channels and home sets going HD, someone has got to be 1st. Maybe it my tech'y...
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    Turbo HD poll...What to do now

    I was an HD Absolute and swithched to Turbo Gold thinking I would need to for new HD. Bad mistake!!! I called dish and tried to go back, but no luck as Absolute is no longer offered. I feel really taken advantage of by Dish. :(
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    The Dish April 1st New HD Saga (Merged Threads)

    Wasn't HereTV once available. What ever happened to that?
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    History International HD Exists?

    I had always wished for this and when googling "history international hd" I found this link. Maybe it's comming, see page 2...