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    ATSC 3.0 in Baltimore

    I scanned WNUV's ATSC 3.0 signal into my Nextgen ready Sony XBR-55X900H yesterday. My set indicates that WBAL and WMPT-TV are both 1080p not 1080i as stated on the RabbitEars Info site. In any regard, the picture looks great!
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    The Blaze TV now on FAVE TV

    The Blaze TV network is now on FAVE TV channel 206 Jeff
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    David and Goliath

    From Forbes Magazine September 10, 2012: "The Tiny TV Broadcaster That Cable And Internet Giants Are Trying To Kill" This is what happens when companies become...
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    New Channels Added to Sky Angel

    Five new channels have been added to the Sky Angel lineup: Pets TV Recipe TV My destinatiion TV Wealth TV Cars TV These have been added to the Family Package
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    FCC National Broadband Goals

    The FCC has created a Broadband web site that Sky Angel subs and those considering subscribing should be interested in The site provides a link for a speed test that not only reports your download and upload speeds but also latency and jitter. A description of each...
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    Sky Angel WebTV Worldwide

    Many of the Sky Angel Faith channels are now available on your computer worldwide. I don't know if the VOD channels are available yet. Neulion - Newsletter. Jeff
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    NRB Network Now on Sky Angel

    Good news! NRB Network is now on Sky Angel channel 126
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    Sky Angel IPTV and TiVo

    Sky Angel is now compatible with TiVo. Sky Angel: Christian Family-Friendly TV and Radio: Expand your options with TiVo¤
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    Sky Angel and KyLinTV

    I'm always interested in what's going on at Sky Angel. Looks like the beginning of partnerships. KyLinTV Launches English Channels with Sky Angel - MarketWatch KyLinTV Other links are also available, just Google. I don't post often anymore, but we are still enjoying Sky Angel...
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    KTV and Angel 2 Now on DISH Network

    KTV and Angel 2 are now available on DISH channels 264 & 266 respectively. I hope Angel 2 puts together their own program line up (drop CTN), maybe similar to the NRB Network? Jeff
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    Sky Angel adds CBS College Sports

    CBS College Sports has been added to the Sky Angel Family lineup Sky Angel: Christian Family-Friendly TV and Radio: Sky Angel® Television (TV) Channels I only subscribed to the Faith package at first but will be upgrading to the Family package in April. Jeff
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    NFL Network

    The NFL Network is now in the family package! This along with The Sportsman Channel and to a lesser degree The Tennis Channel should help attract sports fans to at least the Sky Angel family package.:up Jeff
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    FamilyNet Added

    FamilyNet is now listed in the Faith package.:) The Tennis channel is now also listed in the Family package.
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    Sky Angel offers HughesNet Internet service

    I just received the December issue of the Sky Angel Guide with the announcement on page 4 that Sky Angel partners with HughesNet to offer satellite internet. I would love to have the service as my only other option is Comcast:( . Our phone company does not offer DSL past our home at this...
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    John MacArthur rejects traditional Christian TV

    John MacArthur of Grace to You radio program (heard on Bott, Moody and Sacred Favorites) is beginning a new television ministry exclusively on DirecTV's NRB channel. Read why he has not entered Christian television thus far: I wonder...
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    Blame "Viewer Advisory Board"

    If you are upset about the programming decisions of Sky Angel, be sure to also blame the members of their Viewer Advisory Board (myself included) that voted for Fox News, Hallmark, HGTV and others in a questionnaire back in late 2004. Also be upset at yourself for not becoming a member, you can...
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    Hallmark Movie Channel now on Sky Angel

    The Hallmark Movie Channel is now on Sky Angel ch 9730 Jeff