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    Tilt for offset dish on polar mount

    For mounting an offset dish on to a polar mount, can the tilt adjustment be ignored? Also,i assume that it is of paramount importance that ones latitude is correct to track the Clarke belt spot on.
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    Calculating one,s true North/South position

    Is it possible to calculate one,s true North/South position if the Latitude and Longitude is known.
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    Formula for calculating angle of satellite motor arm

    Can any one give me the formula to calculate the angle of a sat motor arm(set at 0) at any given latitude.The markings on the sat motor is not that accurate and it is more accurate to use a digital inclinomitor when placed against the sat arm.
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    Lenth of LNB arm

    Writing from Africa i was given a Channel Master Elliptical dish 900X670mm without the LNB arm.The part number is 3041221 and the mold number 75E (2).Can someone please advise me the length of the LNB arm.Thanks.
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    Tracker 2 Satellite Locater

    I have mislaid my manual and enquire if someone has one lying around.I am unable to store satellite locations into the positioner and any help would be appreciated.
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    Polarotor Connections

    How do one connect a C band LNBF with polarotor to receive linear and circular transmissions to present day receivers.Or ,can present day receivers be modified to take the three polarotor wires.
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    Polar Mount Dish Without Actuator

    Can someone please advise me the easiest way to secure the dish once the dish is set onto a satellite.From time to time i move the dish to view different satellites.
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    Monitoring Incoming Pictures

    I have four dishes and four receivers providing me with with four pictures which i wish to monitor via a television.I understand that i need a quad processor(used for cctv) which will split my screen into four.Someone out there may have a set up to monitor different pictures,but i seek advice...
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    C Band Polarotor LNBF

    How to one use a Polarotor LNBF with the latest type of satellite receivers.If there is a way, how would the three wires,red/black/white be connected up.
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    BSC621-2 C/KU LNBF info required

    Can someone please advise the degrees Kelvin for the C Band of the combined LNBF.
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    Installing offset dish with 22 deg angle onto a polar mount

    Anyone out there who has done such an installation?The dish is 90 CM and the polar mount will be moved with an actuator.
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    Tracking Clarke Belt C Band

    I am tracking the Clarke belt in the Southern Hemisphere from 78,5 East to 24,5 West .My latitude being 35 with declination of 2 (should be 5) elevation of 40 and dish elevation of 50.I have no near satellite true north the nearest being on my left 34 degrees away and on my right 53 degrees...
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    Settings for Polar Mount C Band

    Can one ignore the declination angle setting and add it onto the elevation angle when doing the settings at one,s location.
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    Receiving KU East and West satellites on a moving dish

    What do i require to account for the different skew on West and East KU satellites?
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    Degrees Kelvin vs dB (C/Ku bands)

    I noted from a German satellite advert a C Band LNB as being .3dB. Is there a formula to convert dB to degrees Kelvin?
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    Improving KU reception on a mesh dish

    I have a 2.6M Paraclipse mesh dish and my understanding is that there is a 30% drop in KU signal quality, when compared to a solid dish.Is there anything i can do,other than switching to a solid dish?
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    Difference between C band LNBF and C band offset LNBF

    How do one ascertain the difference if an offset is available.?On a KU offset dish what is the best way to determine the focal point of a C band LNBF.Thanks for any assistance.
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    Receiving C Band on a 1.2M offset dish

    Writing from South Africa I am receiving on NSS 7 at 22W,AFN with a quality of 40%(scrambled)CNN comes in at 23% with no picture.I am using a 20 degree LNBF and enquire whether i will get a picture should i get a 15 degree LNBF and also use a Conical Scalar Ring.Any assistance will be appreciated.
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    Prodelin 1.2M VSAT offset dish Series 1134

    Can someone please give me the length of the feed rods for the above dish.The dish was given to me with incorrect feed rods.
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    Actuator Exploded Diagram

    Can someone please assist me with an exploded diagram for a 24 inch actuator.