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    New TV PWM headaaches

    My Sony rear projector, is failing and I have tried a Vizio P series 4k LCD/LED and LG 6650 plasma, and both give me eyestrain headaches, though the plasma is not as bad. Does anyone have experience with this kind of headache and have a recommendation for a tv type that does not have this...
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    OPPO 103-105 beta/Netflix

    There is a new beta firmware(usb only) on the OPPO site. It includes a new Netflix interface. Reset after upgrading, I have seen no problems, and a much better Netflix interface, much better. Fixed a bug in calculating acoustic propagation delay from the "Speaker Distance" parameters of the...
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    722k failed/ESPN on ROKU how to Please.

    Last night my 722k failed and Dish is sending a new one(1:30-pm no shipping info yet). My favorite sports team is the UCONN Women and they are on ESPN tonight at 6, there is a placeholder for that on the watch ESPN roku channel, I can also watch highlights of last nights games. My question is...
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    Dish internet unavailable in Southern Ia.

    My former wife lives about 8 miles West of Oskaloosa Ia, I finally convinced her to signup for Dish internet(she has Dish Tv), she called 888 347 4419, got some guy she couldn't understand, but was told it is not available in her area. Does this sound right, if so, does anyone know when that...
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    May Newsletter

    The new May newsletter from Dish seems better than in the past. Have they made changes. Are the routers from Cisco a good buy or would they be cheaper on Amazon. ron
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    Seems Faster

    It seems like an improvement in speed: thanks for the effort. ron
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    722k OTA antenna height.

    My 622 was just replaced with a 722k and module, the signal strength seems stronger, but I still have reception only from about 7pm till 9 am, and then it is about 70 on the scale. the towers are about 70 miles and I have radio-shacks best antenna at about 20 feet in fairly flat terrain. If I...
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    Tech coming, ARC question

    Tomorrow a tech is bringing a 722 to trade for a 622 with no HDMI so I can sign up for GoogleTv. I live in NE Mo 63552, the HD locals I get and want to keep are on 61.5, I have HD Absolute and some channels are available on 129 that I dont get. I have a 61.5(500), and 110 + 119(500), I am not...
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    622 no HDMI/GoogleTV

    :)The HDMI was a non starter on my 622, now I want to get Googletv, I also need good OTA signals(60 miles), and I would like to upgrade to one of the 722s is the 722k any better for signal strength than the 722. Thanks for any advice. ron
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    Logitec 179.00 Pymt

    Will the 179.00 be one lump sum or can it be so much per month. Thanks ron
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    First time online, 622.

    Due to the coming of Google/Dish, and the 630 update, I was encouraged enough to finally hookup to my router, The new, to me anyway, network section seems to be working fine showing connected and all the addresses. Will the UPNP part be limited to the Logitec Box or can we use other devices...
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    Hd Absolute, terrestrial move.

    If I move the location of my household about 130 miles to another state will I be able to keep HD Absolute. Thanks ron
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    HD Absolute add Encore HD

    I have HD Absolute, can I add Encore, and retain HD Absolute. Thanks ron
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    61.5 or 129

    When I first signed up with Dish I believe one of the satellites was 129, and when I went to HD a year or so later or maybe when I wanted to get, now unavailable, long distance channels, a wing dish was added for 61.5. I live in North Central Missouri about 40 miles North of Columbia and get...
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    Check Switch warning message

    Versus channel 151 says signal lost, 61.5, transponder 16, its been this way at least 3 days, I noticed when it did not record the Tour Down Under, the only thing I have ever wanted to watch. I did the unplug routine and then a check switch---all 3 sats show green, 110, 119 and 61.5 with 61.5...
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    DTV PAL PLUS/OA channels non Local?

    I get locals over a 622, I have HD absolute. I have an antenna hooked to the 622 for nonlocal channels 60 miles away, sometimes under the right conditions I can pickup channels 90 miles away, If I get a DTV Pal Plus will I be able to pickup the 90 mile channels more often. Thanks ron