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    Tornado Damage Causes Outage to Columbia, Mississippi for Both DIRECTV & Dish

    Live near Tupelo MS, had a tornado that damaged fiber cable supplying directv local channels Nbc, abc and fox don't know how long will be out Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Inspiration Channel

    Still no word on insp? Thought maybe since they worked it out with weather channel to bring it back might work something out to bring back insp.
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    anyone miss insp

    Agree, I miss insp Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    inspiration channel

    Galaxy 15/ G1 4dtv-600 Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    inspiration channel

    Just noticed insp in free mode on cband digital now Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    inspiration channel

    I know insp is on digital cband and the last time I tried to pick it up it was scrambled. Insp was dropped from directv recently and I enjoyed that channel and would like to be able to receive it I have direct along with fta and was wondering if it might be on somewhere fta other than digital...
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    Inspiration Channel

    I wish they would stay on because I really enjoy their Saturday lineup of old westerns.
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    sub channels

    Has their been any talk of possible directv adding sub channels anytime in the future. I live in the Memphis market and receive locals off direct but too far from towers to pick up ota where I could get their sub channels such as antennatv and movies to name just a couple. It sure would be nice...
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    programming questions

    I currently have direct and was thinking about possibly switching to dish but had some questions about programming. First question can you buy your own equipment so you dont have a commintment? Second can you get a package with espn and fox news channel in it that does not cost an arm and leg...
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    I had to have a card replaced in one of my receivers a couple of months ago and tried to get them to ship it to my work address and they said they could not do that said they had to ship to the service address now. I tried to talk them into it but they would not do it.
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    I have moved if you know what I mean, would they want to come out and install it or would they send it to me and let me install it?
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    Just got a 3d tv and was needing to know if my hr20 receiver will work with 3d?
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    Autopay discount

    Mine ran out in Feb. I called and asked about it for another year and the rep told me it was no longer available. I politely told her I would cancel service (and I would have) so she gave it to me for another year.
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    Yes thats right Ice my 4dtv 922 will lock the signal at about 80% but says now channel not available, just wondering if its no longer available on cband or what.
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    I went to watch the insp channel Saturday on G-1 and it said that this channel not available, getting good signal strength just no picture. Have they decided to not let cbanders watch anymore?
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    Oprah Winfrey Network

    Who cares, direct ought to drop it.
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    Enter To Win: GEOSATpro microHD FTA Receiver

    I want a microHD for 2013
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    Cozy TV Schedule is On Titan TV

    What satellite is cozi tv on is it c or ku band?