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    New tv with hd tuner?

    looking to get a new tv, when it says hd tuner included does that mean qam as well or does it have to say it.thanks
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    Opening Day and No Hd!

    been happy with D* for a while but getting annoying now. living in connecticut we get screwed. not in ny dma and not in boston dma. so no yes/sny/nesn in hd to only god knows when. and still no abc in hd either(LIN). that free hd-dvr from the antichrist cablevision is looking better and better.
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    Any word on negotiations with LIN?

    any update on D* negotiations with LIN co. still waiting to get the rest of my locals in HD.
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    HD access fee?

    can someone please verify?(i did do a search but there was conflicting statements). if i cancel hd access do i lose my locals in HD or are they included with my package? i currently have total choice and now my new bill shows hd access fee instead of hd pack.
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    Broadcast Basic and HD

    can you have just broadcast basic (your locals only) and get HD feeds or do you have to sign up for a higher package (family/io)? do you need a HD box or can you use a cablecard?
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    channels 96 and 97?

    i got upgraded to the slimline 5lnb today in connecticut to get my locals in HD. i do not see channels 96 or 97 in the guide. if my RSN is broadcasting in HD will the channel just appear or is there aproblem with my setup? i figured it would be like ch 95 present in the guide but not active all...
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    Why No Significantly Viewed Locals in HD?

    maybe someone here can answer why for those that get sv locals, why no hd feed?
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    Connecticut Locals In HD??

    currently only able to get cbs and nbc. abc and fox are supposedly under negotiations. i have called D* several times to turn on the NY HD feeds but have been denied with numerous excuses the last one stating fcc regulations. anyway around this or advise to csr to get the ny feeds turned on...
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    Easiest way to get a 5lnb?

    am i better off calling D directly or should i call someone like value electronics who gets high praise on this site. i called D a coulple of times and the csr said it would be a $100 to change the dish(i already have the h20) i implied it should be free but got nowhere. should i keep trying or...
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    Connecticut Locals?

    HD locals had a tentative start date of june 20th i remember reading. anybody have any ideas about a launch.
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    No Nets Game For Me?

    last nights game was not on. i am in connecticut so i dont get ny my9 and it was blacked out on nba tv . anybody else getting or not getting the game?
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    Why No Neighboring Channels in HD??

    i am in connecticut and recently got NY ch 2,4,& 5 added to locals but not the HD feeds. CSR had no specific answer as to why. i would figure the ny locals are on 110/119 sat and all they have to do is turn on the switch as they did with the standard version. is anyone receiving them? if not...
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    Locals in HD Rollout?

    the next wave of markets is due to start in april. does anyone have a tentative time frame(month by month) for each market? i am in hartford,ct and was hoping to watch the masters but thats not going to happen. lets hope for the us open, if not by oct for the world series you can say goodbye.
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    Question about Cancelling??

    several months into my 2year committment and looking for a possible change. it is my understanding if i terminated early i am resposible for paying up to $300. is that correct? any other charges? what if i return receivers? thanks guys
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    [cablevision] Espn2hd

    thinking of going back to cablevision from D*( cant stand the new dvr and no locals in hd) and i was wondering if they carry espn2 hd. its not listed on the web site but i thought they carried it. thanks?
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    R15 Skip Button??

    i recently got the r15 and still figuring out all the tricks, but my main question is the fwd skip button. if the unit itself is not setup for 30sec commercial skip what is the buttons function? when watching a recorded show if pressed it automatically jumps to the end of the show. is this a bug...
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    SBC Receiver Upgrade Cost?

    i have dish through sbc and was trying to get another receiver. i wanted an 811 but that is $100 for the tech to come out and install. i ask for just plain jane 301 and they said $100. they wont mail it they have to have the tech come out to do install(dont know why?) anyway aound this? sorry i...
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    Thinking of getting Optimum Voice?

    any feedback on how you like this service compared to regular phone service? also i know i can use my same # if i switch but do i need to cancel with phone company first?
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    Separator for DVR????

    i currently have dishnetwork and i am thinking about switching to direct. my questions is can i use similar setup i use for dvr. i have one line from satellite run to a separator into two lines then into the two tuners.from reading old post i see nothing about a separator only that i need two...
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    NHL games Blacked-Out on RSN.

    i am connecticut so my regional sports package is MSG, NESN, and FOXNY. why are islander and devils games being blacked out on fny.last night the devils game was on msg and surprisingly i got that but when they are on fny they are blacked. same thing goes for the islander games. iused to get...