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    Sound problems HR24

    On both local and (non-local?) channels the sound drops off for seconds to minutes. But if the show is backed up, even just a second, the sound is okay. I did a quick search here but didn't see this problem listed. Then again, tough to figure what to search for. We have two other receivers but...
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    Explorer and chrome issues

    I haven't been on this site in years but wanted to research some problems. I have IE9 and everything is shoved over to the left side, post topics Lo ok lik e t hi s. I tried chrome and clicked login and nothing happened, it keep looping and looping.
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    Signal meter rental, remote install

    Anyone have an opinion on this? Spectrum Spot | Single Wire Multiswitch SWM or SWiM System | Rental kits for DIY alignment I got everything mounted but could not find the satellites. I'm at my cabin, I bought a SL3 SWM. I get the cable run, mount the dish. First questions: it came with a...
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    trying to screw me

    Of course this is my fault for not checking my bill. I blame DTV for trying to pull a fast one, and by going paperless. Guess I have to watch my bills more closely now. Last year my HD receiver died. They had to put a new dish on the roof for the new receiver. The problem was, they never...
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    Very simple DVD/VCR player

    Mother is in nursing home but lucid. She wants a DVD/VCR player for her TV. What is the simplest out there, with an easy remote? Simple does not have to mean basic. Thank you.
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    DTV Comcast rumor

    At a home show a Comcast rep said when the DTV switch happens next February that Comcast will also switch over to a digital only signal. I argued and even pointed out on their website they said people with old analog TVs will not have to do anything if they have cable. So was he being an idiot...
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    Bad 20 box

    I don't have the receiver in front of me, want to get the question out there and will add details later. I have an older model HD receiver. I had it unplugged when I got a new HD receiver; it worked fine. Last night I went to rehook it; as soon as I plugged the power cord in there was a clicking...
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    after market cable box?

    This is from my sister. I have DTV so have no idea. Thanks for any help: You know the digital cable box we have for the downstairs TV, can we buy one somewhere to hook up to a TV upstairs or do we have to rent through Comcast? I looked at Circuit City and the only thing I see there is for...
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    HD and general receiver problems

    While watching the Jerk Saturday on an HD movie channel, the sound in one channel went out. I have all four outputs hooked up, it was on all of them. Other channels were fine. On Sunday watching TNT-HD, the picture went out. It was brown, not black. Regular TNT was fine. It went out once and...
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    Oakland, CA travel

    I'm planning a trip to Oakland, for a week. I'm sure there are thousands of things to do that would fill up a month. Please offer suggestions. But I'm also asking about areas outside of Oakland. For instance, it looks like if I wanted to visit Redwoods national park and Mt Shasta, should I...
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    Replacing a surround DVD

    My DVD player won't play DVD. I'd like to replace it, but don't need the speakers. Any surround DVDs that are sold as stand alone?
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    HD picture size and dish pointing

    I don’t know what HD receiver I have. It was installed by a D* tech in June. I don’t have DVR or Tivo. I have a rear projection. When watching my local OTA HD I notice the picture is slightly too big. I have to move the picture up to see the bottom weather crawl. I also notice on CNN and...
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    Rural antennas and lightning rods

    I would have made the subject “The things you’ll see!” but wanted to draw eyes. I am getting an outside antenna and driving a convertible I’ve been watching rooflines around town to see what people are using. This weekend going through central PA I came to an area that had a lot of antennas...
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    Satellite magazine

    (Sorry if I’m going over old topic). I don’t know what D* magazine is called, but I just got the newest copy and the reformat is horrible. Movie listings from 9:30am to 4pm, regular channels from 9am – 11pm, (not sure of actual ranges), channels not listed. My regular TV guide also changed...
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    PiP on JVC

    Just got a JVC projection. It's new, but an older model. I don't have an HD reciever yet but will soon. I hooked up other inputs. DVD had component video out so I used it; supposed to be the best. When playing with the Picture in Picture noticed the DVD was blank, just sound. After searching...
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    Ends on RG6 cable

    I bought a roll of RG6. I always used crimp connectors before but saw the twist on types and liked the look. After two hours I cannot get them on. The diagram shows bending the braid back over the outer coating, then twist the connector on but it is not working. The connector goes back but...
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    OTA Receiver

    Was at friends house watching Sunday Ticket on a HD-ready TV. He has a regular D* Tivo. The quality sucked! My 1984 Fisher has a better picture. He’s not a techie, I assume he doesn’t have any of the D* HD packages. When I started to really question him he admitted they watched more DVDs than...
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    More about locals

    I emailed D* about the local channels. My complaints are: No WB(there is no local WB station), they are not broadcasting the local UPN, and the PBS is the national feed not local programming. The reply: Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but a local WB affiliate is not available in your area...
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    premium free-view?

    Last weekend, Friday to Monday, I was getting all the baseball games. I only have the basic sports package. I had some visitors; I was out for an hour and when I came back they were watching a game that was out of my area. I flipped because I thought they had ordered the baseball package...
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    dual LNB and multiplexer, also OTA antennas

    Not looking for places to buy but won't turn down suggestions. Just want to know why there is such a price range for the two items; and local stores (b*st B*y, R*dio hut, C*rcuit Kity) have the highest prices. I need to buy them; I find a good price on one item, but they don't have the other or...