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    A nasty two part question

    So, I have a new Directv HR24, as well as a Slingbox classic. I was wondering if ONE device would allow me to hook both up to a wireless N network. The second part of my question is, if my HR24 is not configured to IR, will the Slingbox IR blasters work? I'd like to have both hooked up for...
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    June 3rd? About to biz-ounce!

    What is the June 3rd date everyone is referring to anyway? I am a Aug '08 Turbo Silver sub that got scammed like everyone else. I currently have an HD DVR (722) and another HD box with Turbo Silver. I pay $60 a month. Directv has offered me a 2 year deal for $55 a month that gives me a new...
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    Taking info off the DVR (722)

    Is there any way I can take content of my 722 DVR and put it onto my PC?
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    Helping a friend

    Hey guys, not a DTV sub, but was wondering, is the 23 the newest DVR that they offer? It appears it is from the searching. I also understand it has 2 tuners, but is it like Dish's, meaning I can have one line coming in and then split it? Or do I need two lines?
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    NHL/NHB TV in HD

    I am a Turbo sub and noticed under ALL SUB I have these. When did this happen? Nice of Dish to tell me! (NOT!!!)
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    722k or 922

    I think I am stuck with a 722, which means I can't get the Sling adapter if and when it is released. Does it cost anything to "upgrade" my receivers? Also, any idea what the Slingbox 722k add-on is going to cost?
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    Channel Numbers and Remote Access

    When I signed up for Dish in August of 2008, I was told the channel numbers would be changing, and that I'd want to focus on the numbers in the 9000's. After two years, I still have multiple channels. Any idea if this is ever going to be fixed??? It is a real mess. In the Remote Access...
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    Turbo HD

    Is it dead now? Is it safe to assume that nothing is going to be added?
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    Dish/Red Sox screw job

    Another night of SD! Great job Chucky!
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    Red Sox tonight not in HD?

    WTF? Not on the guide. This may be the last straw.
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    Red Sox and NESN

    Wednesday, April 22 - **Technical limitations prevent service provider from being able to carry NESNplus and/or NESNplus HD ------------ WTF is this crap?
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    Celtics game today

    Ok - I know it is on ESPNHD, but it is a home game, so it should also be on Comcast HD (5435) too. It isn't. But it is on in SD on 435. I know road games aren't in HD on Dish, but what is the deal here?
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    Not getting NatGeo free preview

    I am not getting these previews on either channel (HD/SD). I have Turbo Silver. What gives?
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    Celtics road games in HD?

    Is there a reason the Celtics road games aren't on HD when they are on Comcast? Unless of course they are on ESPN, then they are.