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    Is it my meter(s)?

    For a looong time I have used a channel master dual satellite meter (I have two, one is an Advantage version of the Channel Master.) Very recently something has happened. As I tune in at the dish itself, the meter is showing good signal, yet at the box it will show poor signal. With some help...
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    Any 322 receiver troubles?

    We're experiencing problems with reman 322's not running check switches correctly. MANY reman 322's are arriving without updated software. We're having to disconnect the separator, replace it with a splitter temporarily, go to the check switch screen and hit cancel. Let it acquire signal and...
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    Newbie - howdy!

    About to start my 2nd week in training as a Dishnet installer. Man, am I glad I found this forum! Y'all will be hearing alot from me! Other then the on-line stuff, anyone out there have a good training guide/manual, etc?