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    HBO coming to Sling (Expected Launch by Saturday April 11th)

    The Verge is reporting HBO is coming to Sling. Also Dish has the option to provide HBO Now. I wonder the cost. Maybe $15?
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    SlingTV Invites going out tonight 1/26 From the article : "I've had access to the beta for a few days, allowing me to get an early look before the first batch of invitations for pre-registered customers goes out tonight at midnight ET."
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    Dish Anywhere Installer for OSX/Chrome Browser Broken!

    I am on OSX Yosemite and just went to see if they have fix compatibility with Dish anywhere and Crome Browser. So it looks like they made a video player or something for it. But when I try ti install I get a pop-up "Please Quite Chrome browser to Continue". So I do. Pop-up stills comes up. I...
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    Beginning of the end for next day autohop? Looks like autohop is now a bargaining chip.
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    Terrible streaming speeds.

    For some reason when I try to stream anything On Demand, me speeds are terrible. There was something that was displaying my speed as 10mbps but then when I started the stream it drops to 1-2 mbps. Its terrible and struggles to keep up. Other PCs on the router are just fine. Is it an issue...
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    New Hopper!!

    Looks like Dish is showing a new Hopper with Sling in the box, more Ram, Wifi, and a faster processor. Also a new Dish App for phones and Tablets that looks like it gives access to Dish Online ( I think the Apple app did this already but the Android does not). Also able to copy shows to an...
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    PTAT just screwed up big time!!!

    So I went to watch The Mob Doctor on Fox. So I went into PTAT and started it, and it was the CMA thing. But wait, that is on ABC. So I went to Bones to start the Fox feed for the night, and about halfway through Bones the Fox feed switched to ABC. I can tune to FOX on the guide and its...
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    My install experience

    Had a good install, I was his fourth install and he had done his own system too. There were a couple of issues where I think he was confused about some things and so was I. I tried not to be all "I know more than you" and he acknowledged that there were some things he didn't know that I did...
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    If you get no video on the Hopper during install..

    During my Hopper install things were going well and I had only the HDMI hooked up. Video was showing. Then there was a reset where I wasn't getting any video. Something about it not being able to see the TV or something (I go through a Receiver). Turns out we had to connect the RCA cables to...
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    Yeah being an early adopter means dealing with bugs. Tried to go into Apps. I used the cancel button to get out. It got out but kept the apps screen up, couldn't see the video. But I could pull up the menus. Went back into Apps and used the X to get out. Even better got a "404 Not Found"...
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    Guide Update taking a tuner and Sling Adapter

    So I got my Hopper/Joey install. Had the Joey on and was using the Hopper. PTAT was starting so when it was asking me what I tuner I wanted to use it showed the PTAT, what the Joey was watching, and a greyed out "Guide Update". So thats interesting that the update to the guide takes up a...
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    Installer here, says I can't move 1 Joey between rooms

    I wanted to set it up so I could move my one Joey between 2 rooms. He said I couldn't do that because of the way the Hopper and Joey integrate and that they aren't using off the shelf splitters, so kind of special splitter (I wondered if he was talking about the Node, i don't know). So on...
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    Harmony Remote - Keep Hopper always on?

    Getting my H/J installed today (my wife thinks I get way to excited over new tech). I have a Harmony One, and I have already gone in an replaced the 722 with the 922 as I understand it is the closest to the Hopper Remote. One setting I had set up on the 722 was to turn it off when I switched...
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    RG6 Sweep Tested to 3GHz?

    I looked at my existing cable and was able to look it up. It says it is sweep tested to 3GHz, is that the spec needed to connect the Hopper to the Node?
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    Moving Joey between 2 TVs

    eI have my install on Sunday and I am only getting 1 Joey. I am hoping I can have it installed so that I can move it from one TV to another. Is that posible? Does that mess with the link between it and the Hopper?
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    Wished Dish stored Timers and Favorites in the Cloud.

    My 722 died yesterday (green light on, fan on, green light off, fan off, rinse, repeat) and they are shipping out a new unit. Luckily we were up to date on our recordings for the most part, but the pain is going to be setting up my favorites lists and timers. It would be awesome if Dish could...
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    Sling Adapter and Google TV Sling App?

    I had read a while back that there was a Sling Beta app for Google TV. Has anyone been using this with the Sling Adapter? Does it work well? Is it hard to get the Sling beta player? Also, regarding Honeycomb and Google TV, I wonder if the Dish Remote App will be available and how well it...
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    All kinds of problems with the Sling Adapter today

    Today has been terrible with the sling adapter. Recordings getting broken in to 0 time pieces. Recordings corrupted and infinitely recording. Can't seem to watch anything on the Sling Adapter when recording on Tv2(trying to watch DVR). I was recording 2 shows just now. Started watching one...
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    Now that I have the Sling Adapter...(Recording and Tuner question)

    I had been using my 722 in Single Mode, with recordings using Tuner(TV?)2 first and then Tuner(TV?)1. But now since I have the Sling Adapter that uses TV2, maybe I should change the priority to Tuner1 for the first recording? That way TV2 is open if I happen to connect to Sling. Otherwise I...
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    VIP722 Priority of Homeplug and Ethernet

    Is there a priority that the reciever takes on if it uses the ethernet or homeplug for the internet connection. I have a homeplug device plugged into my router but my ethernet is faster and I would rather the 722 use that instead of the homeplug. If I set a different password on the homeplugs...