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    Cancelled DirecTV-Went to Comcast

    If anyone at DirecTV would have known and told me that diplexers and AM21's would work, especially with a SWM dish, I would have eagerly accepted their offer of three months free service, and free equipment, to stay. As it is though, two different CSRs, two different Customer Retention...
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    Cancelled DirecTV-Went to Comcast

    I was told by "Anthony" that the external AM 21 tuners would not work with diplexers and that neither would a SWM dish. I was also told that refurbished H-20's are available from time to time and that I could shop other sellers and find a new one. All I wanted was HD locals at all five of my...
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    Cancelled DirecTV-Went to Comcast

    We want HD locals in Lansing, MI. I wanted two H-20's so I could at least use my OTA antenna with diplexers to get HD locals through the same coax used for DirecTV. DirecTV can not supply two H-20's and cannot tell me when or even if we'll ever get HD-locals. I asked if I should "move" to a...
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    Locals OTA missing today

    Welcome to my world You are experiencing events similar to mine here in Lansing, MI. My H-20's would not give me any signal strength at all until I did a total reset and then an initial antenna setup, including downloading the guide for my ZIP code and then scanning for signals. Bingo, there...
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    H20 OTA Scan Issue

    Tried it Yes, picking the secondary market allowed me to load the guide for the secondary market; but it seems to actually scan and find those signals and have the tuner tune them I must first do a total system reset and then start over from scratch. Similarly, if i want to reaim my antenna...
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    H20 OTA Scan Issue

    This morning I scanned OTA digitals for Lansing,MI because channel 10.1 changed from a UHF to a VHF frequency and I wasn't getting any signal at all. After scanning I had some 30 stations including Detroit, Flint and other non-locals. But the H20 kept trying to tune the old 10.1 frequency and...
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    OTA locals, BB converters, and diplexers?

    Whenever we get spot beamed HD locals I'm dumping the diplexer. DirecTV won't even answer my request for a guess when that will be.
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    OTA locals, BB converters, and diplexers?

    I've been using a diplexer since before MPEG4 on my HR20. I've found a way to reliable select the tuner which doesn't have the diplexer in the sat. input cable so that I can watch and record the MPEG4 channels. It seems I can always get the correct tuner if I start at an OTA channel and then...
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    News Hour in HD?

    The same was true in East Lansing, Michigan. Digital letterbox but no HD on WKAR 23.2
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    Ota channel will not show up on HR20

    I have the same problem in the Lansing, Michigan market (48837). Our local PBS station just rolled out new additional digital channels, and these are not in the guide (23.1, 23.2, 23.3, 23.4) Rodger322
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    Winegard SquareShooter

    I installed an amplified Square Shooter on a rotator to pick up digital locals over a year ago. I feed directly into my Sony 50" plasma and bypass the Direc* tuner completely. I live just west of Lansing Michigan and I get great reception of all local digital signals without needing to rotate...
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    Directv denies BestBuy HD Receiver Rebate

    When strolling thru' my BestBuy store in late October I found H-10 and H-20 receivers promoted at $200 with a $200 rebate. I asked if I was eligible because I was already an HD subscriber. BestBuy assured me I was so I bought an H-10. When studying my rebate forms at home I noted that I had...