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    Motorola hdd 200

    I am interested in the HD stuff on the c band dish. Has anybody used this line doubler to receive the signals. I have seen ads but nothing on any review of it. ]:confused: 8ft mesh dish c/ku motorola 922 Pansat 3500
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    Zenith HDV420

    I am thinking of buying this unit to hook to my OTA antena and my C band dish to receive HD tv. does anyone have one or care to comment on the use of this receiver with my equipment listed below. WD0FNU 8 ft mesh dish C/KU feedhorn Motorola DSR922 Pansat 3500 FTA
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    HDTV on C band

    I am not sure if this is right forum but I want to decode the HD stuff that is on C band. There is no local HD OTA so want to go this route. I have a 8 ft mesh dish set up for C/KU with a Motorola 922. I think I just need a tuner to feed into my LCD HDTV "ready" set. Any recomendations on this...
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    G10R question

    I keep reading about all the stuff up on this bird but I am not getting anything but the Outdoor Channel. Do I need cirular polarzation or am I doing something wrong. I have the Pansat 3500 and use the smart scan and on FTA only as dont need the scrambled stuff. 8ft mesh dish, Motorola DSR...
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    software updates

    I am a FTA wantabe and have a question about the software updates offered with the FTA receivers. Since I own a Mac I often have trouble getting the right format. will the software updates work on my Mac. Are they very importent to have.