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    New install questions

    Probably going to jump from direct to dish and have a few questions on the best set-up. We will have 4 tvs: 1 main, 1 that gets moderate use, 1 that is used a little, and 1 that seldom gets used. Is it possible to get two boxes (hopper, super joey) and somehow use the sling feature to get...
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    New install questions

    Will be getting a new install soon and have a couple of questions, To run the cable it will involve going into the crawl space, is that extra, if so how much? Plan to have wireless clients, does my router need to be a certain distance away from the genie? I want a pole mount, is that extra, if...
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    Is my HR44 about to quit?

    The other night the picture would freeze off and on, I thought it was rain fad at first as there was a strong storm semi-close. It did this for a while then the screen went grey. I reset the receiver and it stuck on the self test screen. I unplugged it and plugged it in again and started making...
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    RVU vs Wireless client?

    Just bought a Samsung RVU television for the bedroom and liked the idea of the satellite being integrated, but it appears in order to use it, it has to have a network cable ran to it even though it has wifi. I will be moving soon and planned to replace the other receivers with wireless clients...
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    New receivers, new contract?

    I talked to Directv for another issue and also told them how my genie is slow compared to others and they scheduled a tech visit. I know this is just because I have the older model h34 and told them this. If the tech swaps this out for a h44 will it put me under contract again? Contract is up...
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    HR34 slow to respond

    I have a HR34 and lately it has been extremely slow to respond at times. I can push guide and it will take several seconds to bring up a blank guide, and then about 10-20 seconds later the guide will appear. Doesn't do it all the time. Directv equipment never has been as responsive as the dish...
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    Power inserter hook-up question

    I have a HR-34 and three H25 receivers. These come off of a 8 way splitter in the basement. The power inserter is currently behind the tv hooked up to the HR34. Can I move the power inserter to the basement and just attach it to one of the open lugs on the splitter?
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    Pandora on H25?

    I currently have a HR-34 and three H-25 receivers. One receiver wasn't being used so I moved it to the basement with the intent to use it for Pandora. Got the television, receiver, and stereo hooked-up and do not see Pandora as an option. I thought I had it on all my televisions but I checked...
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    Questions on returning receiver

    Current setup is one HR34 and three H25's. I think that we may not really need 1 or 2 of the H25's. If I return these to save the monthly fee, and a couple of months later decide that we want the extra receivers, how much would it be to get replacement receivers from direct? I was also looking...
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    Fee to cancel protection plan?

    I just checked my account, and there is a $10 fee for cancelling the protection plan. Is this normal? I am about to raise a fuss, because I actually declined this at installation 3 months ago and was signed up for it anyway.
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    Any fees to downgrade package?

    I have been with direct for about 3 months on the choice package. If I upgrade to xtra then downgrade back to choice the next week would there be any extra fees or just the prorated package costs? This also shouldn't affect the promotional price, correct?
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    HR34 HD guide

    My HR34 has automatically updated to the HD guide, software: 0x547, Today, 4:25a
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    Picture issues

    I have had direct for two weeks now; hr34 and three hr25 receivers. Sometimes the video will pause a few seconds then play, pause again then play. It will do this until I change the channel. The audio continues to play normally when it does this. What would cause this? I am starting to get...
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    Dish says I own my receiver?

    I called and cancelled dish yesterday and the rep said they would be sending a box for me to return one receiver. I told her I had 2 receivers, a 622 and a 722. She said I only had to return the 622 because I owned the 722. Both receivers were installed at the same time as a new customer. Anyone...
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    Audio stutter

    The audio on my 722 is stuttering really bad tonight. I rebooted the receiver and it did not help. Is this a problem with the receiver or is dish having problems on their end? Thanks
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    Starz? Why am I getting this?

    I had the free HBO/Starz, but the 3 months was up and had it removed a few days ago. Today I am getting the SD Starz channels and don't know why. I have the HD absolute package, so if it was a free preview I would think I would also get the Starz HD channels.
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    Dish realignment

    The recent windstorms appear to have moved my dishes. I have lost 77 completely (wing dish). I haven't noticed any dropout on the other channels but am only getting a signal of 20-30 on 2 of the other 3 satellites. Is it common for dish to send someone to fix this or should I climb on the roof...
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    722 rebooting

    My 722 receiver has been rebooting itself several times today, like it does when you had the power button in to force a reboot. Does anyone know what would cause this? Thanks
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    625 delayed, alternative receivers?

    I signed up for HD absolute last week and was scheduled for installation today. After the time for them to show up past, I found out that they were out of the 625 and are going to reschedule my installation by at least 3 weeks. They said that I could call dish and possibly get an alternative...
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    DVR advantage questions

    I want to accomplish a few things including: lower my bill add HD add another tv I currently have AEP, an owned 508, a leased 510, and 2 older owned receivers. My plan is to cancel dish, cancel my phone service, move, wife signs up as a new customer and get: 2 room HD dvr 2 room...