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    Hollywood OSCARS?

    2/24 FYI: 101W 3984MHz, SR 3.978Msps, VPID 308, APID 256 "Flying_C0W Sat #1
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    Do you listen to AM Radio???

    Long Live AM Radio The only radio station I find useful in my SF Bay Area is KCBS 740AM. They broadcast news, traffic reports and no rap music. The station is stong in any environment over 100 miles away in all directions. FM stations fade and wane when travelling from pocket to pocket and...
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    Mot DSR922 install question

    stone1150 and johnnynobody, You guys hit it right on the head! The magnetic sensor wires in the actuator were not connected to the terminal block per diagram, so the wires to the DSR922 did not send the pulses as intended. All is well now with the bump increments much smaller and the arc...
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    Mot DSR922 install question

    I have authorized a Mot DSR922 through WebSams and have received Hits on the Trip Counter from G1-3. In the programming process every sat shows 5000 on the position counter and cannot be changed. I have not been able to pre-adjust the East-West arc limits even after a Master Reset. Every "bump"...
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    Unimesh 10' satellite dish owners manual

    Unimesh 10' BUD I have aquired 2 versions of the 10' Unimesh, one with the quarter panel meshes secured by screws and one with the panels secured by plastic ribs. While I've successfully installed the "screwed" version with empirical methods, I would welcome any documentation associated with...
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    NASA TV is moving

    c/p from NASA Homepage(Please delete if posted previously): NASA Television Satellite Information NASA Television Moving to AMC 3 Satellite Jan. 16, 2010 NASA Television is moving to satellite AMC 3. The transition will take place January 16, 2010. Cable and satellite providers will...
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    !0' Ku Dish FREE in Sacramento, CA

    This guy has been trying to sell this for months, and it's now free. His past posts show pics of an off-set composite CM mounted at roof level. FREE: Ku 10' Satellite Dish, 'transmit quality'
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    Giveaway - Win a Brand New SG9120 Motor & WS9036 90cm Satellite Dish

    I want to win the new SG9120 Heavy Duty DiSEqC Motor & The WS9036 36 Inch Dish. Thanks for the contest.
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    TIPS for BUD removal?

    I've removed 6 BUDs so far and before each disassembly took detailed photos just in case there is a reassembly problem. A step ladder works better when there is nothing to lean an extension ladder on. A wheel barrow will lighten the loads to the truck. In warm weather or climate a can of wasp...
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    hughesnet dish for FTA

    The Hughesnet/Direcway 23 x 39" elliptical works well for FTA in NorCal. The stock LNB is linear and the transmit portion can be removed to lighten the arm. I prefer this dish, its electronics and heavy duty mount over the flimsy imports and am always on the lookout for freebies.
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    Contest: Satellite AV Sample of the Week 10.19.2009

    Wow, a satmeter with USID! The attached photo shows part of my dish farm: the DN Superdish for my sub, the DTV Slimline with DN FSS for 123 or 129W, and the Direcway minus the Xmtr for 97W. Much thanks to Brian and SatAV for the contests.
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    DSR922 battery replacement

    This is the correct battery: Lithium Battery Sanyo CR14250SE, with Solder Tabs 1/2AA-Size 3 Volts $9.95 free Shipping!
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    making a Conical Scalar Ring?

    Scalar designs are normally fruits of RF Electronic Engineers, but random experimentation can yield useful results and are encouraged for the hobbyist. Walrus1957(?) an EE has posted extensively on homemade conical scalars for offset reflector applications.
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    Another Paraclipse Alert - Dixon, CA

    It looks like a Paraclipse, size unknown: large satellite dish
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    SF Bay Area Sat Guys-10' Unimesh BUD & more

    I won that auction for $25 bidding during the last minute. It turns out the seller lives 7 houses from my parents' house, and he had tried to sell the stuff on craigslist a week earlier for $150. The package includes an assembled no-dent 10' Unimesh with a Cal Amp C-LNB, a Skytrack actuator, a...
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    Chaparral Corotor ID

    OK, I found the post I was looking for. It's called Dish Boneyard Post6 by Linuxman. From the pictures and descriptions he posted, it looks like I have one of each. Thanks, Linuxman.
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    Paraclipse Alert - San Jose, CA

    Do you know the way to San Jose? There's a Paraclipse in fine looking condition: Dish
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    Chaparral Corotor ID

    Thanks for the suggestion, Anole. I will PM Iceberg for the move.
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    Chaparral Corotor ID

    I'm bumping up this post hoping for a reply. If this is against site rules, I am sorry. :confused:
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    Chaparral Corotor ID

    I can't seem to find the past post that identified the different Chaparrals. If picture1 is a CorotorII, what model is picture2 w/Ku feed near the scalar? A CorotorI?