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    Uniden SQ530 +10ft dish

    Have already gotten rid of receiver.
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    Replacement remote

    Or you could order a SA tivo remote direct from Tivo for $35. I have a SA tivo and a R10 and the SA remote works on both. The only different is the TV pwr button is on top instead on lower left of remote.
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    Uniden SQ530 +10ft dish

    Owner manul was printed in 1994. Think that's about when I bought it. It one where the VCll plugs in the back. On side the serial is ********** and it said the date of MFG is (0llD) what ever that means. I am sure the battery in the VCll has ran down by now.
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    Uniden SQ530 +10ft dish

    I have a Uniden SQ530 with VCII I haven't used in three years. They were working when I unpluged them. All I want is what it will cost to ship them. Also have a defected VCII will ship with it if wanted. I also have a 10 ft steel mess pinhook disk I need to get rid of if anybody around Austin...
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    Stand Alone Tivo's May Be "free"

    I have a Directtv tivo but have a second SA tivo(with lifetime) I have that I had before I got Directtv and it works great with Directtv. The SA controls the directtv receiver.
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    DirecTV receiver w/ low speed data port?

    I have two d10-100 and they both work with the low speed data port. (with a SA tivo) The D10-200 and 300 don't work)
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    Fringe area loss of transponders

    Which fringe areas
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    Considering switching to DirecTV

    Good luck. I switch 6 months ago and have no regrets.
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    dont get signal when plugged into certain outlets

    120 volt outlet consist of three prongs 1. short rectangle slot is hot or the 120 volts(suppose to be black wire 2. long rectangle slot is neutral wire which is the 120 volt return. Should be white. 3. The third prong(semi round) is the ground . This wire is usually a bare wire or sometime...
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    cable length

    Same here I have a run that is about 250 ft with no amp. Not very often but on occassion I will have the even tranponders go out and I will have to go out and fiddle with the conectors.
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    Value Electronics

    I have had no trouble with them they have given me great service. I have notice even locally where I would get a receipt directly from credit card co. by the time it get process it would take maybe a week or more to show up on my credit statement.
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    Round Rock, TX (New House)?

    Good Luck I don't even look at this forum. This is first time. I usually just go down as far as the Dishnetwork or Directtv forum as I have had both. C-band before that. I think you are about 2 miles closer as the crow flys as I am so You shouldn't have any problems. Here is a good forum...
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    Round Rock, TX (New House)?

    I am in Brushy Creek North right off 1431. I have a outside ant.(about 25 years old) just above my house about 30ft from ground. and get every thing with a strong signal. Just for kicks I hooked up a cheapo inside rabbit ears with a uhf loop on it and got everything just about as strong as...
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    0 signal on 1 of 4 lines: cause?

    In the pass if you signed up for the service you had to wait 30 days before you could use it.
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    C-Band and Dish Network

    Your c-band is a lower frequency is mostly the reason you don't get rain fade. The higher the frequency(shorter wave lenght) the more lightly you will get rain fade.
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    D10-300 or D10-100

    The D10-100 is the only one of this series that works with the serial bus.
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    13v Transponders Sat 101 NOT IN SERVICE

    Everything just find here in Central Texas also.
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    D10 IR/RF remoting

    If you have a D10-100 the serial bus works. It's not as fast as I would like it but it does work now. Tivo put out an 7.2 update that fixed some of the problems with the serial bus that Directtv screwed up. It's kinda a long thread but check this thread out over at Tivo Community on the...
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    satellite location

    Don't shoot me if I am wrong but I beleiver the SD tivo is also considered advance equipment and will require a 2 year committment. Let me know if I am wrong.
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    Help with my new Directivo

    He should have given you a multiswitch with enough ouputs to connect up all of you receivers input which if I count right should be 5. How handy are you with tools. You should be able to do the rest of installation your self if you have a drill. If he didn't you should have them come out and...