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    quali-tv qs1080i problem

    I just got a qs1080 from ebay and the unit is flashing "init" on the LED with a small little red LED flashing on the bottom Any ideas ?
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    updates to G-3C On lyngsat

    Does anyone know why the front page of lyngsat with all the NA birds shows updates to the 3C bird, but you can not ever find what the change was when you click into the detailed TP page ? NOTE: all other birds on lyngsat seem to be fine...
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    smallest C-BAND dish

    I have been looking at some footprint charts on lyngsat and investigating (google) some C band dish size discussions on the net... it appears that people have picked up C band channels on a 36 inch dish with a C band LNB... From what I read - there seems to be many birds with muxes that are...
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    DVB terms and reciever questions

    Trying to figure out what is what... DVB-S2 and DVB-S 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 QPSK and 8PSK SD and HD What I need - which of these go together and which dont ? if took all combination of the above I would have 2^4 or 16 combinations In other words is there 4:2:2 , DVB-s, HD, QPSK signals ...
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    Quali-TV question

    does this box do QPSK/MPEG4 SD and HD ? Does it have build in Dolby decoding ? to how many audio outputs ? The 4:2:2 is cool... is there somewhere you can order it in NA ?
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    AMGTV and Ku

    Was wondering if anyone knew why KU band was so much more expensive than C Band for these providers... got this email from AMGTV... My friend has a KU G25 setup and lost this channel - asked me to research it for him ------------------> Thank you for writing to AMGTV and for letting us...
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    4dtv fixed output

    I have not got a hit yet from a sub, but something seems very wrong... and maybe its just because this recvr is old... its a dsr-922 and I bought it used for a 100 bucks... anyways, the menu works fine and everything, but when i go to the channel for viewing, once the headers dissapear, the...
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    dsr-922 channel scan

    I searched the menu on the dsr922 - looking for a way to enter TPs and channels ? is there no way to do this ? Some reading indicates that I have to sub the box (which I want to do anyways) and then I will geta download of all TPs... if this is the case, will I get all the free DCII, NTSC and...
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    slaving a 4dtv off a DVB

    I got an extra KU dish and DVB setup... I just boaught a DSR-922 for 100 bucks... I am wondering if I can slave the thing off the DVB ? or do I have to go out and buy a quad LNB and run a separate cable from 4dtv to LNB ? PS. my DVB does have an IF out...
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    RG6 - that important

    I was at a friends place in Canada last month... I thought I fixed the issue - but guess not..need advice before I go further Setup = 1 dish with dual ported LNB, RG75 cable...cables from roof, to basement and then back to rooms... , two receivers... symptoms... both receivers plugged in...
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    fastest and best blind scan

    Looking for the best STB with the fastest blind scan possible... how long does a typical 25 TP satellite take to blind scan... would really like 10 second type of single satellite V + H scan times... but realize that may not be possible... also want to avoid the STB from locking in on a TP...
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    Ku Band on mesh dish

    There seems to be a combo C/KU band LNB that one could buy and have both your C and KU band from one dish (currently I have two dishes)... Since my C band dish is 8 foot mesh, will the KU stuff work OK with that ? someone told me that the dish should be solid for KU... I was not sure if it was...
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    BSC621-2 C/Ku LNBF

    does the BSC621-2 C/Ku LNBF get both circular and linear types of signals ? I can not seem to find good data on it ? Does C band have linear and circular like the K band birds ? The K birds also require two different LO freq. for different birds... does this LNB give you that flexibility ?
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    Network Feeds

    Is there anyway to get a list of network feed channels that are used often ( or even not so often). The lyngsat data is all entered into my recvr but shows very little. I am thinking that there are more channels to be had in this area. Is it legal to share this data amoungst friends ?
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    Sound for AMC3 PBS stations

    I always had issues with AMC 3 being out in California with trees, but I recently moved stuff around and now found AMC all brightly lit up. A fresh scan of ACM3 found PBS channels - but - with no sound. I look at lyngsat and they are missing the audio numbers ? Anyone help with PBS station's...
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    I read lyngsat and see lots of "free" DCII channels on C band. THey are shown in the "free" color that lyngsat uses. Do you just buy a 4DTV recvr and connect up to an 8ft dish to get going ? Some say that DCII is encrypted and you need a sub ? Help !
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    Does DCII on K band or C band have FTA channels ? When I look at, the FTA page says so... I thought DCII was all encrypted ? If there is FTA - then what recvr gets you DCII ? and can I get one recvr for DCII / Analog and DVB ? Curious