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    More antenna help

    Where is the preamp placed? It should be at the antenna. If the signal at the antenna is a certain level at the antenna output terminals then the amp, if placed at the antenna will amplify that and sent it down the cable to the TV. The cable will have signal loss at the UHF channel frequencies...
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    OTA Antenna Direction

    The sun sets in the west (270 degrees). Depending on what latitude you are on point the antenna just south of where the sun sets at your location. A cheap $100 compass will work.
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    Not sure but I think if you suscribe to the basic sports package you will get NESN.
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    Quick question on Dish and DirecTV

    One pair of cables? Does that mean you have two cables entering your house? No you can not split the cable. Each receiver has a DC voltage going from the receiver to the LNB on the dish. Only one can control the dish. You could get a A/B switch and run one at a time though.
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    rg59 ??

    With a typical run of coax from the dish to the receiver, RG-59 has 3 to 6 dB of additional cable loss than RG-6. 3dB is 1/2 of the power getting to your receiver. Another 3DB will drop it to 1/4 of the power getting there. Stay with Quad RG-6.