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  1. chewy

    Installer Pay for wireless clients?

    Well, my installer had it working in 5 minutes.... so, I can't imagine them paying a whole lot....
  2. chewy

    Finally upgrading to genie soon

    Just upgraded to HR44 and 2 clients, at no charge from directv.... yes, I signed a 2 yr contract... but well worth it. Been with them 10 years, lookin forward to the next 10!!!
  3. chewy

    mobile wifi hotspot

    explain, how does this take my mobile hot spot and feed the internet to my router? Where's Charper on this???? Scott?????
  4. chewy

    mobile wifi hotspot

    This may work for DTV receivers, but I have other machines that use the internet. I need to get my router internet from my phone
  5. chewy

    how much is your genie(hr34) costing you?

    I am going to email the President of the company and see what kinda deal I can get..
  6. chewy

    mobile wifi hotspot

    I called DTV about this and they (she) told me it can't be done with the cinema connection kit, I have other wifi and hard wired equipment attached to router
  7. chewy

    mobile wifi hotspot

    I have Verizon with an unlimited data plan still :)...... Just got 4G yesterday,,, holy cow 19mbs (on my phone!) compared to my CentryLink DSL, 7mbs which I pay $46.99 a month for at my house. I think the next step to improve the "mobile hot spot" is home networking with hard wired connections..
  8. chewy

    mobile wifi hotspot

    Does anyone know if there is a way to use my phones mobile hotspot for internet to my directv receivers? Right now all 4 of my receivers are hard wired to my router, now that I have 4g on my phone with hotspot I would like to cancel my internet and just use my smart phone for internet. Anyway...
  9. chewy


    I have a buddy who got sunday ticket, they talked him into upgrading to whole home dvr service. It was for free, so he went for it. This meant an installer was going to have to come out. He has an HD DVR in living room and a regular receiver in bedroom. Been working great with no problems...
  10. chewy

    Problem after "moving"

    I have no fox either, how do I move?
  11. chewy

    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    how do I get rid of the advertising crap with my posts'
  12. chewy

    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    i got mine with no new contract..... all my directv friends want me to call for them now
  13. chewy

    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    Directv Rocks After all the credits, I'm down to $95.48 a month, usually $168. Also got Sunday ticket with super fan for free this year.... woooo hooo here are my credits Adjustments & Credits 06/02 07/01 PREMIER Save on HBO for 6 Mos -5.00 Credit 06/02...
  14. chewy

    2012 New HD Local Launches

    bout time,,,, PBS channel 8 is stunning
  15. chewy

    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Don't worry be happy -- Eddie McFarland
  16. chewy

    2012 New HD Local Launches

    When???????? Medford-Klamath Falls OR YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. chewy

    FF on HR34

    Wow! No replies, thought this was the all knowing DTV forum.
  18. chewy

    FF on HR34

    I searched this forum and could not find anything on this problem I'm having. When I'm watching a recorded show on the HR34, and I want to FF through a commercial, I hit the ff button 3 times and when I see the show I'm watching come back on I hit the play button and the show would back up and...
  19. chewy

    Lost YouTube & Pandora

    I have the same problem
  20. chewy

    New HD GUI

    Still no Pandora, any suggestions?