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    What to do?

    I am a former dish customer. I had to cancel due to line of sight issues. Believe it or not they didn't charge me ETF. Anyway, when I cancelled they said I would receive boxes and shipping labels for my equipment. I waited a couple of weeks and nothing. So I called and asked again and the CSR...
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    Returning equipment

    I canceled dish about three weeks ago. At the time I was told I would need to return my equipment and they would send boxes and shipping labels. I waited two weeks and nothing. I called and the csr said I owned my equipment. I said I did not. He said he updated it and I would get boxes and...
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    Satellite issues

    I signed up with dish in dec. Within a month I needed a tech to come out because I wasn't getting a good signal on 129. Dish sent a tech from a different installer and he said he would have never hooked me up because of tree issues. The original tech then came out and moved the dish and seemed...
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    I signed up four months ago. When I did I could have gotten up to three rooms in HD for free. I only had one HDTV so I got a 722. I just got a HDTV fir the bedroom and wanted to get an HD receiver. 50 bucks plus extend my contract? Four months ago I could have gotten it free. I find that...
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    Directv paying dish ETF to switch

    I saw a thread about this from a couple months back. Are they still doing this, or are they planning on doing it again? Thanks
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    Losing guide data

    Fir the second week in a row on Tuesday or early Wednesday, I have lost my guide data on a 722. I'm missing guide data from now on and the dvr has misssed some recordings due to this. Also I had an instance of the dvr recording a show for 5 hrs even though it was only a half hour program. Any ideas?