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    New info in SEC doc filed 9/2

    Couldn't DirecTV speed up Voom's slow and painful death by just buying Voom's bandwidth? Getting little DirecTV stickers to put over the Voom logo shouldn't cost that much to send out to 28,700 people.
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    OTA INSTALLATION POLL: How many attempts did it take your installer(s)?

    And I switched to the DirectTV HDTV PVR after the third - install tomorrow. We'll see how many that takes, but taking so many days off of work and ALL the phone calls, power cycling, etc is crazy. Just couldn't do it anymore.
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    I'm done - BUT I CAN'T TELL ANYONE!

    Clearly I WAS in love with Voom based on my previous post - I was most impressed when I spoke to the folks at Voom when I started running into problems. One of my biggest pet peeves with any company is one that oversells their product leaving everyone else in the dust. Working with the...
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    I'm done - BUT I CAN'T TELL ANYONE!

    The reason I have been willing to stick with Voom for the last 3 months was there was at least someone to talk to when bad stuff happened. I've overlooked the PQ issues that continue to come and go, the reboots that I continue to have to do, the diplexer issues, the HORRIBLE program guide...
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    Pet Peeves (Off topic)

    I don't understand this either and thought my CyberHome DVD player was faulty. I use component out, it is set to 16:9WS (widescreen) and my Sony XBR 910 on standard display still presents it with pillars - even with DVDs noted to be WS.
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    Loud popping sound every 10 sec on OTA station

    I have a loud pop/crackle that happens about every 10 sec on a single OTA channel (WHDH, NBC, Channel 7, Boston). It's always there but not on any other channels. It occurs with all digital modes on my Onxyo 701. Anyone else experienced this?
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    NEED an Honest opinion on SD Picture Quality!!

    S-Video, not S-VHS (coffee not working yet)
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    NEED an Honest opinion on SD Picture Quality!!

    With my Sony XBR910 using DVI, I have found SD *much* better than D*, which was a PVR 508 (S-VHS). The smearing on D* was horrible (at least with my setup).
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    WOW! This is amazing....

    I'm not one to post, but after following here for the last month, calling for the new lease service, installation occurring seamlessly today (Boston) and spending the last 5 hours in utter amazement, I felt I should post my first impressions. In short, D* is gone in about 5 minutes...