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  1. tsduke

    Audio drop outs

    Yes. Some channels much worse than others. HGTV is one of our worst. Getting really annoying.
  2. tsduke

    48 hours to re-activate a Directv account

    What did they hate? I'm seriously considering giving Dish a shot. Haven't had dish in about 10 years but I'm tired of the audio cutting in and out on my Directv.
  3. tsduke

    DIRECTV Will Raise Prices Next Month

    Same here. I'm in the Cedar Rapids\Waterloo TV market. I could justify a higher fee if they added FS-Midwest, but we know that won't happen.
  4. tsduke

    DIRECTV Will Raise Prices Next Month

    I wonder why your cubs fee is less than mine. I only have CSN Chicago myself.
  5. tsduke

    DIRECTV Will Raise Prices Next Month

    Has anyone used the lookup to check your new RSN fee? My fee is currently $1.97 and is going up $3.86 to $5.83 according to the lookup. That is much more the the $0-2.56 increase the letter states. fee?referrer=
  6. tsduke

    Special Offers

    The HR24 would be pretty tempting.
  7. tsduke

    Can't add HBO w/o changing package?!?!

    Yup, plus if you call ask if there are any deals for HBO. I got free Max for 3 months.
  8. tsduke

    Choice Xtra +HD DVR

    The new price of that package is $79.99 and your saving will be $1. You should see this increase and your next bill this month.
  9. tsduke

    E-mail or Phone Call?

    OP is not alone on this issue so I agree it's not allignment.
  10. tsduke

    Sound dropouts

    I'd have to read back through, but I don't think it's affecting the 20's as much.
  11. tsduke

    Sound dropouts

    Yipper. To no avail. There's a thread with almost 300 posts on this exact issue on other site. It start immediately with 0368 software upgrade. Or was the downgrade?
  12. tsduke

    Sound dropouts

    I and many other have had this problem since the last national realease(11/3 for me) on my HR22's. Have not noticed it on my H23's, but I rarely watch them.
  13. tsduke

    DirecTV Revolution Report

    I haven't kept up on the talk about D12. Is D12 to a new slot or replacing an existing bird?
  14. tsduke

    blocking adult channels from showing in guide

    This is exactly the point. Using favorites doesn't stop kids from seeing them. Blocking adult also blocks more channels than it should. It can't be that hard to create an option to block & hide all adult channels and adult channels only.
  15. tsduke

    any word on Super Fan yet?

    It still shows on my setup and I have not been billed. The pricing still show what I got last year. Promo deal for st and free sf. I thought the renewal didn't start until closer to the season.
  16. tsduke

    ? on changing packages

    One more question... What happens to my movies dvr'd off movie channels I'm going to drop?
  17. tsduke

    ? on changing packages

    Is there a best time to changes packages money wise? Today is the last day in my billing cycle and the last day of the 4 month Premier/NFL ST for 74.99 a month promo. Will I get a bunch of partial day charges if I change it today?
  18. tsduke

    Directv pricing

    So the new al-a-carte movie prices will be $15 for HBO and $13 for the rest?
  19. tsduke

    Directv pricing

    Man, what a bunch of jerks! Guess this site isn't what it used to be anymore. All I was simply asking was if anyone knew if I could see the info when I log into in case I was missing something.
  20. tsduke

    Directv pricing

    Time on hold, time with csr. I find calling to be a hassle. What's the point of the website if I can't use it to see prices of different packages and premiums?