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    Orioles Baseball Leaving Bluefield

    This is an interesting breaking news story we had here today in Bluefield, WV. Cal Ripken Jr. had also played with this affiliation here in Bluefield. This is big. Hate to see this happen. As WVVA-TV first reported to you this afternoon, the longest active relationship between a Major...
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    directv packages

    hello. im currently still new to directv. ive only had it for about a couple months now and have a couple questions about the packages, if anyone is able to help please. 1) does the premier package include the hd channels. or do you still have to pay $10 for the hd access 2) i am currenlty...
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    hd receiver problem

    i have just recently in the last month signed up for directv. and now experiencing some issues. i have the hd receiver and on most of the channels it says To Be Announced for what is coming on, and its mostly on the HD channels. I called directv and they tell me that there is no problem and...
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    question about channel 384&385

    i have directv i noticed in the guide there are two cw networks channels 384 and 385. does that mean i am able to order those channels and if so how much are they. directv has my local channles but they do not have my local cw channel here in bluefield. any help is appreciated
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    wanting to get directv but have questions

    i am interested in getting direct tv. after having dish network and their promise to have local channels in the bluefield wv area and still dont i looked at their web site at their current offers but am a little confused on some things. i did the credit check and it came back that i passed...
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    using a motorolla v3 as modem

    i have a question i tried doing some searching online and wasnt able to find anything that explained it really good. I want to know if it's possible to use the motorolla v3 razor as a modem for internet on a laptop. i have a unlimited data plan from my cell phone carrier. my carrier is...
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    Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson dead at 30

    well it looks 2010 is going to pick up where 2009 left off. Casey Johnson the great great granddaughter of the founder of Johnson and Johnson has died at age 30! Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson dead at 30 -
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    does this mean TW Cable will lose fox networks

    Fox stays firm, no arbitration in Time Warner Cable spat - Dec. 30, 2009
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    Im having a Halloween party this weekend, having a lot of friends over to have a good time, but trying to think of some ideas for some Halloween Party Music. does anyone have any good ideas, for what music would be good to play. I dont know many good Halloween Part songs, any help would be...
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    bluefield /beckley dma on directv?

    well it looks like direct tv customers in bluefield, wv dma will be happy. it looks as if september 30 they will launch them in the bluefield market heres the news story of the source Rep. Boucher makes exciting announcement about DirecTV - WVVA TV Bluefield Beckley WV News, Weather and Sports
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    Question about OTA on the VIP622

    first i hope that i am in the correct place. I have a question about the OTA on the VIP 622. I know to get the OTA guide information you must subscribed to your local channels from dish network. But I dont subscribe to local channels yet from dish network, as they dont have them for the...
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    windows live

    i tried a search but didnt find anything but is windows live down. i havnt been able to log in for almost 2 days now and the email account that i'm trying to log into is my college email that uses windows live just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting into windows live
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    error when running windows updates

    i'm trying run windows updates i get error code: 8024402C what can that be
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    my area gets to be on tv tonight

    tonight on BBC America at 8pm et. they will have my area on tv. they are going to have Bramwell, WV on tv and footage of Little Opry here in Greenvalley area.. i just think that its awesome that we get to be on a show seen internationally, so if anyone watches it they will see this area
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    i have a question about ota

    first of all i dont know if this is where i need to be.. but this about the digital conversion.. i dont have a good signal at all where i am to pick up the channels with an antenna where ii am i can listen to my NBC channel wvva via radio on 87.7 here in bluefield, wv so after the digital...
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    windows live in microsoft outlook??

    i have a window live account. i am a college student so its a college email that uses windows live.. but my question is is it possible to set it up in microsoft outllook? and if so can someone tell me how i can go about setting this up? thanks very much for any help that can be given
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    digital conversion- extra time

    this is an intersting story Legislation gives residents more time to prepare for digital television conversion.... talking about where President Bush is givng West Virginia an extra 30 days for the conversion.. here's the link from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph here in WV where i live...
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    transponder/ spotbeam

    i have a question about the spotbeams... if i "move" i know that there are just a few options about the cities that you can move to that are not spotbeamed... but can you move to one that is spotbeamed.. i mean is it possible.. and if yes ... how can you tell if it will work any help is...
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    channel 982 holiday music on dish

    does anyone know when this channel will be back on dish this year or will it???
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    heisman trophy on display

    today i'm going and hoepfully getting my picture made with the heisman trophy.. they are having the Heisman Trophy On display here in bluefield, wv today at Cole Nissan... i think that this is exciting even though that Pat White with WVU wont get the Trophy....