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  1. chewy

    mobile wifi hotspot

    Does anyone know if there is a way to use my phones mobile hotspot for internet to my directv receivers? Right now all 4 of my receivers are hard wired to my router, now that I have 4g on my phone with hotspot I would like to cancel my internet and just use my smart phone for internet. Anyway...
  2. chewy


    I have a buddy who got sunday ticket, they talked him into upgrading to whole home dvr service. It was for free, so he went for it. This meant an installer was going to have to come out. He has an HD DVR in living room and a regular receiver in bedroom. Been working great with no problems...
  3. chewy

    FF on HR34

    I searched this forum and could not find anything on this problem I'm having. When I'm watching a recorded show on the HR34, and I want to FF through a commercial, I hit the ff button 3 times and when I see the show I'm watching come back on I hit the play button and the show would back up and...
  4. chewy

    What's the difference?

    I had a HR21-100 that went bad, and DTV sent me a HR22-100. Does anyone know the difference between the two? Thanks
  5. chewy

    A&E in HD

    Looks like another network goin HD.. Think D* will add it?
  6. chewy

    The Masters in HD

    Anyone heard anything about exteded viewing of the Masters in HD?
  7. chewy

    I need a new HDTV

    What can the best HD people out there tell me about buying an HDTV? I'm looking for something between 42" and 53" only because thats where my budget is. ($2500 to $3500) All replys are greatly appreciated
  8. chewy

    Just Board

    Just Bored Im bored and that I would give someone something to read...
  9. chewy

    HR-10 250 remote

    Does anyone know if the Harmony Remote Controls work on the HR-10 250 (HD TIVO)?
  10. chewy

    2005 Masters In HD.

    Does anyone have any info on the Masters Tournament being shown on D* in HD? Special Events Channel? Extended viewing? Any info would be great.
  11. chewy

    Snow and DIRECTV

    Everytime it snows I loose signal and have to go out and brush the snow off. Anyone know of a remedey for this annoying problem?
  12. chewy

    Hbo-hd, Showtime-hd

    I am receiving HBO-HD on channel 509 and on channel 70. SHOWTIME-HD comes in on channels 543 and 71. Anyone know why they would be wasting an extra channel on these two stations?
  13. chewy

    TV Changing channels by itself

    Yes both of my recievers change channels all by them selves, 90% of the time to a mapped local channel that is 70 miles away(channel 22) . The other 10% it changes to channel 100. When this happens I loose FOX and ABC from my program guide. I do a soft reboot and I get them back. Voom...
  14. chewy

    Should I get the 811 or 921?

    I need everyone's opinion. I'm going to sign up with dish and want to know which reciever is better the 811 or 921 Any feedback is a great help to me Thanks
  15. chewy

    Need Help with OTA

    I'm Wondering what will it take to get all local channels, Right now I get ABC and NBC at 310 degrees, both are 30.8 miles away. CBS is at 133 degrees and 18.8 miles away. Fox is at 83 degrees and 7.8 miles away. Oh ya, I have 2 dsr550 recievers and they both map for all of the channels but...
  16. chewy

    need help with 811 dolby digital

    I just got my 811 last week and today i went and bought a optical audio cord for my harmon cardon reciever, pluged it in on both ends switched the reciever to DD optical but no audio any help would be appreciated. chewy