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    Galaxy 28 ku band

    thanks primestar
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    Galaxy 28 ku band

    I just wanted it to dish point for my southernmost satellite
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    Galaxy 28 ku band

    Does anybody know of a live ku band transponder on 89W Galaxy 28?
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    Avenger pll lnbf

    LO frequency was set wrong. Thanks Satellite Guys. You are the best!
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    Avenger pll lnbf

    There doesn't appear to be a choice of lnlb settings in this s10. It is either on or off. Old lnlb is a standard. Receiver set for 10750. Avenger lnlb is universal.
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    Avenger pll lnbf

    I am scratching my head over this one. I bought the Avenger pll lnbf 321s-2 for upgrade to my Openbox s10. I installed this puppy and am receiving 0 signal. Am i missing something here? I just figured i received a defective since by hooking my old lnbf back in place restored signals. I...
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    HOT TV

    By, By, HOT TV. Management says they will not return on Anik F3. It was nice while it lasted.
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    dsr922 won't move dish

    Thank you TvroPro, CR104 was definitely shorted. I will replace it to continue protection from lightning strikes or power surges. This is what i like about this forum. Whatever the problem is somebody has been there, done that and has the answer. Cheers!
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    dsr922 won't move dish

    My dsr922 quit working as a dish mover. It click's twice with no voltage output from terminals m1 and m2. I subbed it out with a 920 to rule out the actuator. The 920 moves the dish normally. My question is will the circuit board, the one centered in the front of receiver with the relay's on...
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    The BEST western movie EVER

    All mentioned are great movies, but let us not forget Glenn Ford's "The fastest Gun Alive". It would definitely be in my top five.
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    local thunder storm and glen beck

    my i ask where you picked up fnc on fta? I can't find it!
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    4dtv date of manufacture

    Egg on my face, ignorant error on my part. I thought they was the same. Thanks Dishman.:ok:
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    4dtv date of manufacture

    Guys, i am confused about the date of manufacture of a dsr-922. I understand the 7th digit of the receiver number is the year date of manufacture, and the 8th,9th and 10th digit the julian day of year. Try this one=000-03179-70149-129. Would this be a 1997 birthdate and 97th julian day...
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    RTV/RTN Gone tonight?

    Got it here in Illinois 91-92% signal quality on Coolsat 6000.
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    G5 Starz

    Anybody else having trouble receiving the Starz channels on G5 or is it just me? They all appear dead. Starz/Encore are fine on G1.
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    HELP, DSR-922

    Thanks LongHair!
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    HELP, DSR-922

    I've lost all my programming on my dsr922. Trip counter says 0 and channel count is 555. I think i need a master reset, but forgot the sequence. Can anybody steer me please? Never mind, i figured it out
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    Need Feddback on Chaparral LNB

    Greg, When Rick get's them back in buy one. You won't be sorry. This is what i run and i am very satisfied. Good bang for the buck!
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    Locking on 83W

    I get 91-92 quality in Illinois. I used to have issues with RTN 66-67 quality, but they apparently increased their signal. It comes in very well now. I would look for obstruction issues.