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    Dish and RSN in HD

    I left Dish over a year ago for Comcast. Trust me I did not want to do that. The only reason for the move was RSN in HD. I live in the SF Bay area and Dish does not have RSN's in HD 24/7. Has anything changed on Dish and the RSN? I would like to switch back but that is a game changer...
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    New hopper with sling question

    What is the max joey's for the new hopper with sling. Is it 3? Thanks
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    Remote control question

    I have a IR/UHF 6.2 remote. I set it to have the AUX/Receiver to be the default volume control on the remote. How to I change it back so the remote is now controlling the TV volume? Thanks
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    Dish Hopper and MLB TV

    I'm looking into the Hopper. I see on the Dish web site that there's a MLB Network app. Is the the same app that's on PS3 and Xbox for streaming live games? Thanks
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    The Giants/ Red Soxs game is not in HD?

    WTF!!! It says on my guide the Giants/ Red Soxs game is in HD but its not there. Same with the A's / Pirates. This has happened 4 times this year I'm so sick of this BS with Dish. Lires!!! Show more VOD crap in HD but blow off the Bay Area sports again. Sorry had to vent. And FYI Direct...
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    TNT HD Picture Quilaty

    Is it just me or is TNT HD really bad right now? Very choppy on my end and it's on all four of my receivers. Thanks
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    Sling or 922?

    I've been reading posts and reviews and it sounds like the 922 isn't so hot. Is it rue that you have to go to dish's web site to view sling. Why wouldn't you just get sling separate and hook it up. So the question is , should I purchase a 922 or sling by itself? Thanks
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    Acceptable Signal Strenght

    I looked around the old post and could not find the answer to my question. So what is the acceptable signal strength for Dish? Mine is around 60 to 70 %. Thanks
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    Sharks game channel 409 HD

    Why was the Sharks game not in HD for half the game tonight? It was available in HD the entire game on Direct and Comcast. Fn mad. Ruined my party I had. Thanks
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    PS3 Display settings

    I have a Sony Bravia XBR LCD and a PS3. What do you guys recommend for the display settings on the PS3. Thanks:)
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    Heating Problem

    is there a way to see how hot my 622 and 722 's are? Thanks:)
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    Remote Code 4 Denon Receiver

    I have a Denon Receiver Model # AVR-2807 and I can not get the Dish Remote, model # 6.3 to work the receiver. I tried all the codes E* had on line. Has anyone got this or any Denon receiver to work with the Dish remote. Thank you:)
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    Channel Numbers

    I have a question and I'm sure this has been discussed at sometime or another but I can't seem to find a thread that answers my question. So here it is, Why does E* have so many duplicate channels? Some channels are on the guide under 3 different channels. I have set my favorites to not have...
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    CSNBA SD Picture

    I know this has been mentioned before but I would like to say it again. HOW LAME IS THAT VIDEO/PICTURE QUALITY ON CSNBA SD? The Hockey game is all most unwatchable. And it's blacked out on Vr's HD.:mad::mad::mad::mad: E*, your lame for not having FSNBA HD! FYI Direct and Comcast Cable are...
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    Interresting story

    Click story to read. Dish Network's plan for new airwaves a mystery / Company silent on how it will use narrow spectrum
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    Why no FSN BA HD?

    Ok, I know I have seen the uplink for FSN BA HD about a year ago and still no FSN BA HD. Why. I have it on SD. Why not HD? Can someone explain this to me. I so mad right now about this. And to Bo Sox's fans, CONGRATULATIONS for NESEN HD. It's not like the SF Bay Area is a small market. We...
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    Lip Sync Issue

    I just bought a new Sony Bravia XBR TV. Replaced my old Sony lcd Rear view 4 years old. Everything is work great except for one issue. I'm having problems with the sound and the lip syncing. Words and the mouth sometimes are in sync and sometimes are not. This problem was not as noticeable...
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    HDMI Took a Dump

    I have a VIP-622. Turned my dish on and there was no picture. Had sound but no picture. After about an hour messing around, found out my HDMI was not working. Is this a odd or has this happened to anyone else? Thank god for DHPP!!!!:)
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    Any new HD RSN Comming Soon to E*

    Any new HD RSN Comming to E*? Has any one heard of any HD RSN coming to E*? I live in the Bay Area and patiently waiting for FSN Bay Area HD. Thanks:)