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    Galaxy 28 ku band

    Does anybody know of a live ku band transponder on 89W Galaxy 28?
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    Avenger pll lnbf

    I am scratching my head over this one. I bought the Avenger pll lnbf 321s-2 for upgrade to my Openbox s10. I installed this puppy and am receiving 0 signal. Am i missing something here? I just figured i received a defective since by hooking my old lnbf back in place restored signals. I...
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    HOT TV

    By, By, HOT TV. Management says they will not return on Anik F3. It was nice while it lasted.
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    dsr922 won't move dish

    My dsr922 quit working as a dish mover. It click's twice with no voltage output from terminals m1 and m2. I subbed it out with a 920 to rule out the actuator. The 920 moves the dish normally. My question is will the circuit board, the one centered in the front of receiver with the relay's on...
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    4dtv date of manufacture

    Guys, i am confused about the date of manufacture of a dsr-922. I understand the 7th digit of the receiver number is the year date of manufacture, and the 8th,9th and 10th digit the julian day of year. Try this one=000-03179-70149-129. Would this be a 1997 birthdate and 97th julian day...
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    G5 Starz

    Anybody else having trouble receiving the Starz channels on G5 or is it just me? They all appear dead. Starz/Encore are fine on G1.
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    HELP, DSR-922

    I've lost all my programming on my dsr922. Trip counter says 0 and channel count is 555. I think i need a master reset, but forgot the sequence. Can anybody steer me please? Never mind, i figured it out
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    Is anybody else having a problem getting KCSG or is it just me? 3919V,SR 01970, Gal 19 97W. Transponder appears dead. COOLSAT 6000
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    Is anybody having trouble receiving audio with Sports Time Ohio on c band dvb at echostar 9, 121w? I have perfect video with no audio. What am i doing wrong? Help! Lyng sat chart says it's fta.
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    I need some advice on a fairly long run to a BUD i just picked up. I want to lay a ribbon cable suitable for 4dtv just in case i go to it later on. Currently i am using a Coolsat 6000 receiver on ku band. The BUD to be used is a 10 footer Channel Master with mesh screen, small holes, much...
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    In Store Music

    Does anybody know if there is a in store music channel on ku band?
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    Does anybody know where ESPNEWS channel is on ku band. I had it but lost it!
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    I am new at this and need advice from someone who knows! I have successfully been able to capture and program to stop on satellites on one side of the arc from amc 3, 87 degree west, to galaxy 27, 129 degree west, and am getting strong signals, but can't find a thing from 84 degrees west to 72...