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    Mitsubishi Hd-6000 PVR? Anyone seen this? Looks like a nice box - not sure if it will only be sold through cable operators, or from retailers. Seems to have some really nice inputs...
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    Record an Anamorphic DVD from Voom?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get an anamorphic signal over S-Video with the Voom box? Does this work with the DVD recorders on the market? (anyone tried?). Thanks... /joe
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    FOX Local HD: Crappy cameras???

    Anyone else watch the All Star game on Fox in HD? I'm in detroit, and the HD cameras looked anything but HD. In fact, I would swear they just took a regular SD camera, changed the aspect to 16:9, then just upconverted. I was wondering if everyone else saw the same thing (meaning it was the...
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    Video Signal Issues: "Native" resolution

    Anyone else using the "native resolution" output feature on Voom? (voom sends video in native resolution, so 1080i comes 1080i, but 480i comes 480i without upconverting) When I use this, it works great most of the time. However, sometimes when I switch from a 480 program to a 1080, the video...