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    121's Test Card

    Trying to fine tune my motorized setup, and I can't get ANYTHING to come up on 121 (my true south), but the rest of the arc seems to be alright. There's the possibility that it might be a LOS issue but I'm not entirely convinced. Have they changed the frequency for the test card? is it part...
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    Plumbing Tripod for Apartment Install

    I've got a tripod set up on concrete blocks and since my patio is slightly sloped :rant:I've got to shim one of the concrete blocks (facing south) to make it plumb. Currently I'm using those cheap vinyl shims from Home Depot, which work great except they're a little slick and the concrete keeps...
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    Geosatpro 200c Freezing when I turn on the Beeper

    While installing my dish and trying to point it, I came across a possible bug. (Maybe I'm doing something wrong) I have some TPs scanned into the receiver on this particular satellite (G16) and when I go into the menu and try to change my LNB settings, etc I press the Blue button to turn on...
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    Getting back into FTA... in an Apartment

    Hey All, It's been a few years since I've "Surfed" the satellites for feeds. (Ahh back in the Analog Days with a BUD) I'm about to move into a Apartment/Condo deal and I think it's high time I get back into the hobby. I scoped out the place, and I know I've definitely got a clear view of the...