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  1. Matt9876

    DirecTV could lose G4 (Removed 11-1)

    I 100% agree with you,A huge loss of quality TV for all the wrong reasons.
  2. Matt9876

    Football Tailgate Help With Required Equipment

    Many new phase III conversions built this year the only complaint I get are from the ones that have a standard slimline 3 LNB and leave the receivers BBC(s) at home. Happy tailgating.:)
  3. Matt9876

    Finally canceled E* today

    Either the economy is improving or Charlie is messing up big time.:) It's all those stupid fees they started charging....
  4. Matt9876

    New Direct TV & Tivo DVR Delayed Again

    The HR24 is faster and supports DECA data sharing,I'm a TiVo die hard fan but went with Dishnetwork to get a fast, reliable, low cost HD DVR. Both D* and TiVo can kiss my :eek:, I will wait no more !
  5. Matt9876

    Satellite Internet

    Satellite Internet is a mixed bag of potential problems with caps on data downloads (FAP) speed issues and latency. I had Hughesnet for over two years and learned to hate it-VoIP phone service won't work,real time games don't work,speeds got very slow after 5pm each day,HTTPS secure browsing...
  6. Matt9876

    Canceled D*, get D* to remove dish on roof?

    It only takes the removal of 5 bolts to remove a slimline 5 from the foot and bracing mounts,no roof damage at all if you don't mess with the metal parts that are connected directly to the roofing materials. If you put a little flashing cement on the remaining metal parts the likelihood of a...
  7. Matt9876

    Satellite finder meter and directions?

    A battery powered meter will cost from $400 - $700 "Birdog-SuperBuddy" a Digistat receiver powered meter cost around $40-$90. a second person with a two way radio or cell phone is the least expensive way to go and have them read off the signal numbers for the 101 satellite or you could...
  8. Matt9876

    NASA HD???

    Bet Dishnetwork will carry it shortly after EchoStar XV is parked. :) DirecTV can beat Dish to the punch on this one by two weeks if they care to do so. I would love to see NASA in HD !
  9. Matt9876

    18x23 dish mod

    DirecTVs phase III dish 18X20 or 18X24 works good with the SL3 LNB. The aim is a bit tricky for 99 & 103 HD slots. You can get the LNB from Solid Signal for less than $50
  10. Matt9876

    Who is your internet provider?

    In my previous post on this thread I was blaming Charter cable ISP for keyboard delays when typing in the message,well it turns out this was caused by a dead battery in my Dell laptop. After removing the battery pack all is back to normal "Google is wonderful !" FYI: I still don't like Charter...
  11. Matt9876

    Who is your internet provider?

    I have Charter cable and royally hate them and the service,I pray for the day I can get DSL or fiber optic. $56 a month for a royal headache and high blood pressure. Took about 5 minutes to correctly enter these three lines text.:rant:
  12. Matt9876

    My non install experience today!

    Hublar sorry to hear about the mess up with your install. I'm a certified installer that never missed a work day or appointment in four years. Now I can't land a job in this stupid economy cause no one wants to supply a work van or pay a living wage for the days worked. My suggestion is to...
  13. Matt9876

    Thinking of switching

    I was with DirecTV since 1996 and a new Dishnetwork customer going into my 6th month,My change was forced by the economy and a strong dislike of Directvs DVR fee and clunky slow DVR. "The HR24 may be the first exception to the rule but I've yet to see/play with one." If money wasn't a problem I...
  14. Matt9876

    New KA/KU Dish?

    In this case just leave it as is because it eliminates any 771 errors on local SD channels,The H24 and HR24 have the new software and I suspect it's just a matter of time before it spreads to all the HD receivers.
  15. Matt9876

    New KA/KU Dish?

    Due to software changes with DirecTV HD receivers if a slimline 5 LNB is used with the receiver set to slimline 3 an error code results,Here is updated information on how to make the small HD dish. How to build your own small HD dish for DirecTV: LNB heads that work well when mounted to a...
  16. Matt9876

    First Look: DirecTV SWM 32 Switch

    Wow,Hope I get a job big enough to need one.:)
  17. Matt9876

    HD Slimline Satellite Dish/alernative to tripod

    If your local channels are provided in HD from DirecTV you can put a slimline 3LNB on a (18X20) phase III dish and do a normal tripod mount or bucket pole mount. This has worked for many apartment/condo type installs the 12 pound phase III dish is much lighter and smaller dish than the 32-35...
  18. Matt9876

    converting 10 ft dish to Directv

    Round dishes are only good for one orbital slot like 101,If you want HD or local channels your going to need a slimeline or oval dish.:) Multi-Sat.
  19. Matt9876

    Note from DirecTV to Customers Regarding Versus

    Dish will be the next one squeezed by Comcast, I hope they enjoy the advantage they hold for this moment in time.:rant:
  20. Matt9876

    lov watching HD...