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    BBC World Service - Dish Anywhere

    BBC World Service via Dish Anywhere has been down for over 24 hours. Attempts to access the channel result in cryptic "error 7001". Is this channel no longer available? If not then Dish needs to remove it from the live feed. If it is still available then someone at Dish needs to fix this or at...
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    MLB Network

    Anyone else losing the feed to MLB Network today. I have lost the audio and video at least six or seven times during the day. It comes back but then eventually goes blank again only to come back again. Other channels seem to be fine.
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    This DVR appears to be offline. Is the bug back?

    I, along with many others, suffered through the problem of not being able to access the DVR online whether through Dish Online or Dish Remote Access. After many months of complaints and denials by Dish the issue was finally resolved. Now I am seeing the same thing once again. I can view...
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    RSN games STILL not in HD?

    I just checked the program guide on my 722k and I see the Diamondbacks vs. Royals game for tonight, June 21, is NOT listed as being shown in HD but is scheduled as being shown in standard definition on Alt 450. I thought this was supposed to have been fixed last week. So what's the story, do we...
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    Dish Google TV offer

    I received the Dish marketing email in my Inbox this morning (shown below). I had to laugh when I was told I could watch the game and surf the web on my "big screen" at the same time. Well perhaps I can surf the web on my big screen, but depending on Dish bandwidth issues I am sometimes...
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    Remote Access issues again

    After a year of flawless performance now I cannot access anything using the NOW, TODAY and LATER tabs with any of the filters (Everything, TV Shows, Movies, Radio, Sports). Programming and filters appear fine in the grid but not using any of the other tabs--just a blank page where the...
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    Problems with Epix recordings

    Using a 722k receiver. I set a timer (either via the receiver or Dish Remote Access) for Star Wars on Epix which is scheduled to air at least one day from the current date. The timer shows in scheduled events. The next morning the timer is gone. This had happened several days in a row so...
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    Remote Access Frustration

    Remote Access to my DVR722k has been a hit and miss proposition for months, but generally after logging in and out eventually I can access the DVR. Today I cannot access the DVR no matter how many times I log in and out. Yes, I have gone through the drill of: 1. Press Menu on the remote 2...
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    Remote Access - missing channels

    A couple of days ago I noticed the Platinum stations and Fox RSN local sports stations are now missing from the Remote Access guide. No problems accessing the channels with the receiver but they simply vanished from Remote Access. Reported the issue to Dish Chat but of course they advised me to...