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    2 Receivers affect one another

    Thanks for the quick replys guys. I have 2 lines from the lnb to the switch, one line from each lnb. The reason I had the switch, I used to have 3 receivers. But since I now have 2, going straight to the lnb is a great idea, thanks guys. In the future if I get 3 receivers, If I replace this 2x4...
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    2 Receivers affect one another

    Hey guys, I recently moved to a new address and when I setup my dish and connected the 2 receivers to the dual LNB via a switch, first month was working good. After a month, the channels watching on first receiver affected the second. Like if I put some channel on the first, second receiver I...
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    Enter to win: Sadoun Powertech DG380 HH Motor - End 2/28/09

    SatelliteGuys have always been helpfull to me. In fact without this site, I would've gave up on my satellite dish installation and hired a professional and spent $$$. However reading and learning from many posts helped me install and get my FTA system ready. It is great to know and rely on this...
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    Contest - Two Free GEOSATpro SL2 Bullet LNBFs - Enter to Win! Ends 2.2.2009

    Hey guys, first of all this is the only and best true FTA site on the web, I love this site learned so much from this site, especially Iceberg's posts and everyone else. First when I got introduced to FTA was when I went as a guest in my far relative's house. We started watching TV, and I...
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    Armenia 1 TV Galaxy 19

    Hey guys I am looking up and it says updated 01/07 and shows Armenia 1 TV as a FTA channel. But on my receiver it shows as paid channel and nothing shows. I was looking at this channel since 01/05. Is Lyngsat wrong or my receiver?
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    5 sats and two 4x1 diseqc switch

    Hey guys im sorry for posting this in the wrong section, just realized it. please move it.
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    5 sats and two 4x1 diseqc switch

    Hey guys how you doin. I have two 4x1 disqecq switch and 5 sats. How can I combine the two (4x1 switches together to make (8x1) is it possible.
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    Galaxy 19 might have chanels on it

    Move dish Hey guys when all the channels move to G19 we don't have to move the dish or tweak it any way right? just rescan the channels maybe right?
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    DTV 5 LNB dish

    Hey guys I have a DTV 5 LNB dish slimline. If I replace the lnb with a linear lnb, can I get 97w. The dish size is 32 in width and about 23 in length. Is it possible to get 97w?
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    Coolsat 6000 with multiswitch

    Hey guys, I have a simple question. I want to install a 3x4 multi switch fron dual lnb. Is there anything I need to change in the receiver settings after I put up the switch? Also should I scan it directly connected to the LNB or connected thru the switch? Does it matter?
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    ViaCast MSR 1500

    I also have a 2x4 multi switch on the dish. Is this gonna be a problem with this receiver?
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    ViaCast MSR 1500

    Can I enter all the channel info using some program on the computer and then transfer it to Viacast. This way takes less and I can choose which channels. Can I do this?
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    ViaCast MSR 1500

    Thanks a lot Iceberg. It's okay should take 30 minutes the most to manually scan 97w. I read your review, thanks for the review.
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    ViaCast MSR 1500

    I saw ViaCast MSR 1500 FTA receiver on ebay today for a low price, so I bought it, should be coming soon. Does this have blind scan? or do I have to update all the TP's under G25 and autoscan? Thanks.
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    Contest: Free Fortec Star Dynamic Satellite Receiver

    My favorite channel on G25 is ARTN. Armenian language channel, that I watch 3-5 hours a day!. Thanks
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    BlackBird Stealth 2000 FTA receiver

    Coolsat 4000 is going over 40 on ebay. What is the cheapest clone out there. I just want to view the channels thats it no other options.
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    BlackBird Stealth 2000 FTA receiver

    You know if Blackbird Max had a blind scan feature, and should this clone also have it? What if it doesnt have blind scan how can I scan 97w.
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    BlackBird Stealth 2000 FTA receiver

    Hey guys anyone heard of BlackBird Stealth 2000 FTA receiver. I know someone who is selling it for cheap and I want to buy it but first want to make sure if it can get G25? Couldnt find anything on it on google. THanks
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    G25 dual LNB to 3 receivers

    Hey guys, I have a dual lnb thats getting G25, I dont have a switch on the roof, so the two receivers are connected to the LNB directly. I want to add another receiver, what switch should I buy and where do I hook up the 2 lines from the dual LNB what part of the switch? thanks.
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    Galaxy 25 Transponder 23 Anomaly - 9.26.2008

    hey guys thanks for the updates.Do u know when all th chs will be moved to G19? i have a 36in dish with linear lnb. is that capabale with G19. Also do i have to load in new sat file to my receiver, or just blind scan 97w. thanks.