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    Save a DVR recording to Flash Drive or Hard Drive

    Hi guys I am in need of some help, my friend was recently on a local news broadcast and I recorded it to my HR24-100 is there any way I can save this show to a flash drive or even my computer? thanks in advance!!
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    Activating Owned DVR

    I will be getting Directv in a few days I got an HDDVR and two aunt has an r15 she owns and said she would give it to me (her contract ended and she switched to dish) do you think I will have any problem activating it?
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    Does Directv use splitters?

    Does Directv use separators? I really don't have any knowledge of installation so I have a question...DVR's require two satellite inputs to function (tuners 1 and 2) with Directv the installer would always run two seperate cables from the switch to the DVR, but with Dish they run only one and...
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    622 Keeps Restarting

    I have a 622 in single mode and in the past week it has started freezing and restarting anytime I try to add, or edit a timer....also I have noticed that all of my shows are recorded in fragments because the receiver restarts during recordings, for no reason...I have tried reseting, I have even...
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    Dish Network UI

    I have a 622 and 311 and I can't stand the user interface on either of them...when I had DirecTV I loved the UI on my R15 and DTivo is there any hope or chance Dish will update or change their UI, just curious...
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    VIP622 Good Deal?

    I just got off the phone with Dish and they offered me an upgrade from my 411 HD receiver to a 622 for free and also a free single tuner DVR (the rep said they were overstocked in these) contract is up with this a good deal...which DVR is single tuner?
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    DVR on Plasma!?

    I have a 47inch samsung plasma and i am considering getting a DVR. But i have heard bad things about plasmas and dvrs involving burn in...does anyone have any input or suggestions...can i get the DVR without worry?
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    HD Food?

    No not the channel im talking about the real thing...with everything seemingly going to HD these days, how long before our taste buds are allowed experience the wonders of HD???
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    Just got a 411 but now I want a 622

    A little less than a month ago I got Dish and I got one Dish Player DVR for two rooms, one 411 and one standard room, but now I want to get the 611 instead which I assume would take the place of the 411 and standard room also, will dish let me do this, if they do how much will it cost and what...
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    If you don't have Voom Get it now!

    For those of you Dish subscribers who don't think voom is "worth" the upgrade, or D* subs who don't think its worth the switch, rest assured...your wrong. I just upgraded to Dish from D* and I couldn't be happier, I am honestly addicted to these channels! I was sceptical at first but now I have...
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    Channel Logos

    I just came to Dish from Directv and there is one thing that I really, really miss...thats their channel logos, you know the logo of the channel you are watching in the top of the screen (if you have ever had D* you know what I am talking about). Why doesn't Dish use these, do you think they...
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    HDMI on 411

    Does anyone know how to get the HDMI to work on the Dish 411 receiver, I have gotten my componet to work just fine but when I hook up my HDMI my TV gets no signal, is there a setting I need to change or is it something I should call Dish about? Anyone have any tips or advice? P.S. I know there...
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    Difference between uplinking and going live

    What excactly is uplinking, and is there a difference between when a channel is uplinked and when it goes live? How long does it take for a channel to go live after it is uplinked?
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    411 Extended Guide Gets Cut Off

    I have a 411 and when I use the extended guide mode the last channel gets cut off, is this supposed to happen, is anyone else experiencing this? Here is a picture showing what I mean look how the bottom of the guide is cut off. P.S. Sorry for the quality I had to use my cell phone.
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    Directv wants me to suspend account

    I just called Directv to cancell my account because I switched to Dish and the CSR insisted that I put my account into suspend mode just in case I decide to switch back in a few months when Directv gets more HD channels, she said it doesn't cost anything to suspend the account and I can do it...
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    HD Locals in San Antonio

    Does anyone have any information on when HD locals will or should be available in the San Antonio area, neither D* or E* have told me anything...
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    Recording Sirius

    Are you able to record any of the music channels using the Dish Player DVR, right now I have D* and I am able to record their XM music channels with my R15, is E* the same way?
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    What does ViP Stand For?

    I read somewhere that the letters ViP attached to E*'s new line of receivers could stand for Video over IP. Is this true? If not what does it mean, if it is true what would it mean for the ViP line, what would it allow them to do?
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    Help New Install

    I will become a Dish customer this coming Thursday (upgrading from Directv) and I need some help. You see, I do all the cable running myself because I like my cables run a specific way (I have always done this with D* without a problem) anyways I will be getting the Dish Player DVR for two...
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    VIP 622 Widescreen guide

    Does anyone have any pictures of the VIP622's widescreen guide I found a post a few weeks ago with a lot of screenshots but I cannot find it anymore, also I went to the Dish website they they only show the normal guide I am interested to see what it looks like, if you know a link that would help...