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    RA Number?

    Hello all, Can someone please explain to me what a RA number is? To make a long story short: - Upgraded my existing Dish package to the DishHD/722 package. - Recieve my receiver today, and suprisingly enough, they send me a 622. (Thanks Dish!) - After my second call to Dish...
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    MLB: EI / RSN Blackout Question

    Hello everyone, I have a question in regards to the RSN's when you are a subscriber to the MLB: EI package. I ordered the MLB: EI package and am wondering how come these games are blacked out on the actual RSN channels? Does Dish not allow you to watch the games on the RSN channels even...
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    MLB: EI Package ... Trying to order!

    Hey everyone! I am a new dish customer as of 2 months and I am trying to order the MLB: EI package. However, I am running into some problems.. Have any new customers been able to successfully order this package as of late? I have talked with three reps and all three say it is not available...