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  1. ReconPJ

    CNN and HLN gone/ Dish-Turner Dispute - Now Back 11/21

    Best part is that I am receiving $5 off for the next 3 months for a complaint on their Facebook page. I wonder if they will honor it.
  2. ReconPJ

    Lots of TV's

    Moving here in a few months and would love to go back to DISH and get a Hopper with Sling in the house. I have 6 tv's that I would love to have the ability to watch anything on. Is this possible in the Hopper/Joey era?
  3. ReconPJ

    Thinking about going back to DISH and the new Hopper but.......

    Some questions. 1) I have 7 tv's in my house. How many Hopper/Joey combinations can I get and what can I get with each? 2) Is there a Sling box on the Hopper I need? 3) If there is, Is it a Sling that I can use anywhere? 4) Who gets the DVR access? 5) What's the fastest land mammal...
  4. ReconPJ

    MLB network

    I dropped DISH back in April over this matter, (and a couple others). At the time they were the only major satellite and cable carrier without the MLB network. I may go back if this hangs around until next year. But I am sure DISH got a good deal to acquire the rights towards the end of the...
  5. ReconPJ

    Dish Network bids for Blockbuster at the last minute before the bidding deadline.

    Dish keeps buying things and uyng things and they are losing subscribers. They are not growing by any means when they make these purchases. (Even Slingbox was great, but its not gathering any more customers). ow about give the subscribers what they want....
  6. ReconPJ

    Everyone Else But DISH!!!

    What is amazing to me is that if I want the NFL RedZone, BigTen Network, ESPN Classic, and the additional sports programming, I have to shell out an additional $7.00 a month. Why can't they add the MLB Network to that tier and everything is good to go. MLB has an additional 13 million...
  7. ReconPJ

    Everyone Else But DISH!!!

    My response from DISH when I made the inquiry.... I guess they would rather me give MLB $120 for the season than DISH... Dear Mr. Jirka, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Dish Network understands your concerns. DISH Network will not be carrying MLB Extra Innings, the out of market...
  8. ReconPJ

    Everyone Else But DISH!!!

    I think the point of my topic is being missed. Everyone else but DISH has the MLB network. DISH, along with most others carries the NHL Network, NBATV, Golf Channel, NFL, NFL RZ, Tennis Channel, Horce Racing channels, Fuel, Outdoorsman, and Sportsman which cover every single sport out there...
  9. ReconPJ

    Everyone Else But DISH!!!

    Now that AT&T has added the MLB Network joining DirecTV, Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, Charter, and Verizon. When is DISH going to cave in and give this to us? :mad:
  10. ReconPJ

    Reimbursement for Sling App on Windows Phone 7?

    Haven't tried but still trying to get it to work. Will not connect to my Windows 7 Samsung Focus at all despite going through the setup several times and doing a manual configuration.
  11. ReconPJ

    DISH Network Statement Regarding the FCC’s Program Access Decision

    On SD Sports radio they are talking about the fact that Cox4 is the home of the Padres. You have to have Cox to watch all Padres games. Also, when the Pafres are home and you want to watch another team play at the same time on MLB extra innings, you can't. It's been blacked out. They will...
  12. ReconPJ

    New HD Channels - The Next Race in Space???

    If Discovery and ESPN have any success with their new respective HD networks, are comercials 5 years from now going to be "The Most 3D Channels at the lowest price. Lower than cable. Get more for less. " etc... How many sattelites are they going to have to launch to be the nations 3D leader?
  13. ReconPJ

    Any progress between MLB and E*?

    Dish won't add a network that is out of season. Maybe next April...
  14. ReconPJ

    12/9/2009 2:24pm - Uplink Activity Report - 95 changes

    Where is the crackling fire log channel?
  15. ReconPJ

    Will Ooma work with DISH Network?

    No issues with my ooma and my 622 and 510. I back feed the dial tone through the existing house wiring and my 510 dials out fine. My 622 is hardlined in to my wireless router which feeds off of my ooma.
  16. ReconPJ

    Dish working on SDK / App Store for 922

    I'll say March 2nd for the release date. Gives them about 7-8 after XES to rpmote the finished product. Probrably around the time of some new HD channels as well...
  17. ReconPJ

    Who needs Sunday Ticket? REDZONE ROCKS!

    Red Zone is like Sunday Ticket without me having to push buttons on the remote. Frickin awesome channel!
  18. ReconPJ

    Special Retailer Chat Recap - August 24th, 2009

    Red Zone is huge like Scott said. NFL Sunday ticket is around $200+ extra on DIrect. This is the next best thing. Makes sense that they moved Fuel from 155 to 156.
  19. ReconPJ

    MLB.TV Comes to Roku

    Blackout rules are blackout rules. No matter what service you have. I'm in the SD area, but have DISH. I don't get the Padres game because they are exclusive to Cox cable. In turn, they black out the Dodgers and Angels games since my DMA is SD. The Premium looks great and even better when...