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  1. BigFella

    Invalid Finder ID

    Hi all, I upgraded from a single 722 system to a Hopper plus 1 Joey 2 weeks ago. Since then, I'm unable to view my DVR'd recordings on my iphone 3GS via Sling. I get an "Invalid FinderID" error. The sling software on my phone does see both the Hopper and Joey and I'm able to see an inventory...
  2. BigFella

    Motorola i1 and Sling

    Sling doesn't officially support the new Motorola i1, but does anyone know if it will work with it? Sling says the new Sling app for Android works with v1.5 and above. I believe the i1 will be 1.5 or 1.6. Thanks...
  3. BigFella

    Remote Address Conflict - 2 Slingboxes

    Hi all, Those of you with 2 or more slingboxes under the same roof, how do you prevent remote address conflicts? Here's my dilemma - I have a 722 (remote address 1) with a Slingbox Classic attached to it. It's been functioning great for several years now. I have a 622 in the bedroom (remote...
  4. BigFella

    Line Input on *Choice DSR-530

    Anyone know how to access the line 1 input on the front panel? I've gone through the owners manual and I can't find the instructions to switch to it. Can you access it, or was it put there for "future use" and never activated?
  5. BigFella

    New Slingbox(s) Coming Soon?
  6. BigFella

    Will an attenuator help me?

    I'm looking for some advice from the OTA gurus here. I would like to get more ATSC OTA. I currently only receive KNBC-DT (36) and KDOC-DT (32) without loosing lock. I'm in 91354 (elevation of 1200'), 31 miles from the trans towers that are located on Mt Wilson (LA DMA). I have a CM 4228 ant with...
  7. BigFella

    A few questions about the *C DSR530

    Hey all, I'm seriously considering Star Choice and the DSR530 HD DVR. I had a few questions before I take the plunge: Do all video outs work simultaneously like the Dish 942 or do I have to choose one at a time? Is there an equivalent device to the Dish Network Separator and DPP44 so I only...
  8. BigFella

    Moving but want to keep current programming

    Hi all: I live in the LA area and I'm grandfathered into distant nets. I may be moving to Phoenix. Any suggestions on how I can keep my current programming and distant nets? If I move my billing address (to my new home) but keep my service address as my current home, what happens if the new...