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  1. Eastcoast

    SG2100 motor U Bolts

    Hi Guys Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to use to replace the 2 U bolts used to mount the SG2100 to the mounting pole, other that ordering some kind of replacement kit.Would stainless steel threaded rod bent to the right dimentions work? Dave
  2. Eastcoast

    Making a choice with my Setup before the Snow

    I currently have a 1.2 meter Andrew dish mounted on a SG2100 and a less that 2 inch pole.I am having some problems as the motor struggles with the heavy dish and the post needs to be replaced with a 2 3/8 in. I think I will either have to mount the 1.2M dish on a fixed pole and use several...
  3. Eastcoast

    Stab HH120 Motor

    has anyone been using the stab HH120 with a 1.2M primestar type dish? I have been using my 1.2m Andrew with the Sg2100 and it works but is really strugling with all that weight even with a lighter fabricated mount. Also seems like I have to readjust the 1.2 diseqc alot on most of the...
  4. Eastcoast

    DBS Through a Window

    Hi Guys I have a friend that would like to get NASA and some of theFTA music on 119 W But lives in an apartment that won't allow any dishes at all.He has a window facing South West and I have not tried it but should there be any problem through a clear glass window with LOS? Dave
  5. Eastcoast

    Motor/Receiver Reset

    My SG2100 in combination with a Coolsat 5000 has been acting funny lately.I can use Diseqc 1.2 to set up a satellite and a day or two latter if I return to the satellite I have to readjust again. My question is if resetting my motor and receiver will help , which one should I reset first or...
  6. Eastcoast

    1.2 Meter Microbud Users

    I'M curious as to how many FTAers out there have tried and or who are using a 1.2M dish for C band and what kind of sucess or waste of time and money is it? I am bent on giving it a try! Dave:hungry:
  7. Eastcoast

    Viewsat Support

    has anyone heard if the viewsat people are going to put out any new and improved upgrades to their platinum 2000 as I have one but use it very little or to watch G10R only, the sensitivity or tolarence to weak distorted TP seem to be better then my coolsat 5000. The improvement I'm looking for...
  8. Eastcoast

    Bsc621-2 C/ku Lnbf

    Has anyone used this LNB with a 1.2 M dish and if so what can you expect.I realize that with C band it would be experimental and does tit work well with KU? Any comments would be appreciated as I may " kick it up a notch" with my! Dave
  9. Eastcoast

    Help finding G10R

    Well I'm trying to get G10R this hot Sunday morning and up on the roof with all the gear.I have found 119 and went alittle further west and down a little, then got a signal. It is on 11.718 H and a SR of 27.692, all those channels are scrambled so where am i and is there a strong TP to look...
  10. Eastcoast

    Quality of FOX on AMC4

    I have noticed that FOX 64 on AMC 4 11.705V changes quality level from 90% in the daytime to 70% at night.Has anyone else seen this happen? Dave
  11. Eastcoast

    Multiple LNBF's

    I was thinkinf about trying to put 3 lnbf's on my 1M motorized dish so as to cut down on the number of moves when switching channels.I guess there must be some reduced signal involved for the offset lnbf's but quality is the main thing to look for, I was looking to get maybe 87, 93 and 87 but...
  12. Eastcoast

    What Satellite is this?

    Hi Guys I was looking for some signals over the Atlantic and came across this one close to 22West by no listing on Lyngsat for those frequencies and used diseqc 1.2 to move motor just east os 22w. 12.121 H says ESPN Domestic 70% Q no Audio or Video no $ sign 12.141 H says ESPN...
  13. Eastcoast

    Motorized Dish Alignment Trouble

    Hi Guys I had some trouble with my SG2100 on the weekend, anyway thats another story.I have put it and the dish back on the marks I made when I lined it up the first time. Now I look at my closest True South Sat Amazonas , peek it for best Quality which is 70% here.Motor to IA 5 and I have no...
  14. Eastcoast

    Amazonas (No A or V}

    Is ther a problem with 11.970 V Black Belt TV and the others as well as I have 64% Q on my coolsat and no audio or Video and actually the other FTA channels in the North America Beam are the same way.Can someone please check. Dave
  15. Eastcoast

    Pas 9 Question

    I tried a scan on pas 9 and got a signal of 97%, Q of 64% green at 11.477 H with SR of 26.470. Did not display any information,don't even think I should be able to receive Pas 9 at my location. Got any ideas? Dave
  16. Eastcoast

    Transponder Blind Scan

    Hi This question may have been asked before but havn't seen anything about it. When I blin Scan with my Coolsat 5000 sometimes it will stop on a transponder with say a 70% quality for 8 or so seconds and not log any channels radio or tv the scan is set for all types of channels and happened...
  17. Eastcoast


    I found Amazonas the first signal of any kind east of 79 deg and what makes this interesting a least to me is that I am not close to being in the footprint I'm at 47.6 N and 52.7 W, got a sig on the Black Belt TV of 72 and Quality of 70.Not bad I think.Now only if I could get G10R! Dave
  18. Eastcoast

    H to H Motor Limit

    I have a SG2100 motor that tracks fine at least I get the sats West of 79 at least there is nothing east offering a footprint here.In order to pick up 119 I have to use Diseqc 1.2 and manually move west as far as it will go to get 119. I would lie to use this dish to try for 123.My question is...
  19. Eastcoast

    Offset Antenna Question

    I have noticed where I live that Star Choice subscribers have oval dishes that are tipped on an angle is that becaues they are picking up 2 satelleites and the antenna has to be skewed as if it were on a motor?If this is the case when you aim a fixed offset dish with a 24 deg offset at a...
  20. Eastcoast

    MHZ on IA 5

    Does anyone know if This channel Mhx was always scrambled as I thought I watched some sports there before. Dave