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  1. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    No Sabres Game

    Buffalo Sabres play ottawa at 700 tonight and still an error message on alt channel 452 and nhln isnt playing the game. Any explanations?
  2. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    NHLCI 625-639

    After ordering the NHLCI package about an hour and a half ago I still dont have 625-639. I only have life four channels. It showed up in my purchase history. Are they not adding them till the actual season starts because i checked on the site and they only have like 5 pre season games airing on...
  3. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    HDMI questions...

    I want to be able to watch the 1080p and as I've heard it only accepts HDMI cables. I have a 52' Samsung connected to a 722. If I were to buy a HDMI cable would it anyway effect the audio or quality of this crystal clear Samsung and how? And what type of HDMI cable would you recommend for my setup?
  4. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    Dish to add any new RSN's anytime soon?

    Will they hint toward it? Or will they just do it out of the blue? Just hoping for a Ny Rsn as of the Buffalo Sabres in HD!!
  5. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    Dish to add any new RSN's anytime soon?

    Will they hint toward it? Or will they just do it out of the blue? Just hoping for a Ny Rsn as of the Buffalo Sabres in HD!!
  6. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    Fuzzy picture on TV2 DVR

    TV 2 (SD) is connected to my ViP 722 HDDVR and it is in the basement. There is a fuzzy picture. Not enough to be on the wrong channel but enough to have a crappy picture. There is a Antenna connected to the splitter which is connected to the wall jack. Its not the TV because the previous TV that...
  7. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    Buffalo Sabres Hockey in HD anytime soon?

    Many months have gone by with crying myself to sleep anxious to know if the Buffalo Sabres will be in HD this year if anyone has any info of relief or bad news. Please tell me. I may sound like a whiney litte baby, but I will lose all my possible dignity to find out whether Sabres in HD will...
  8. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    Phone line connection works, but no call out?

    I have a 722 receiver and have a Insta Jack wireless jack system connected so a regular long phone line wouldnt be stretched across the room(tripping hazard;)) . One wireless monitor connected near the phone line outlet and the other near the 722. I have DSL filters on both of the wireless...
  9. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    Any word on MSG+ and MSGHD.

    Iam dieing to know if these channels will be associated with my Buffalo Sabres home games in HD.:( EDIT: What Iam really asking is when will these channels be available is it in a weekly span monthly span or a yearly span or a dreaded "SOON" span. They've been uplinked for quite some time now.
  10. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    CBS C Available?

    How come no uplink on this?? ch 152 is now open to watch. I apologize if this was old news and i just didnt catch it.
  11. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    What is the point of mirror channels?

    For instance, the vs/gf channels is on both 9468 and 398. What is the point and how does dish benefit from that?
  12. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    What is Stretch-O Vision?

    Ive been hearing it alot lately but no clue what it is. Im assuming that they just stretch the picture way out and makes it look like ____ but im just assuming. Anyone?
  13. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    Buffalo HD locals?

    Its may 21st still no hd locals for buffalo :mad:. Once I get my hd locals then i can complain about sabres home games in HD. TWC and D* already capitalized on that offer why not dish?
  14. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    HD Installation question

    Iam soon going to be paying for the HD essential pack and receive a ViP 622 Dvr receiver, it sucks that i have to pay for the installation and the receiver but im willing too pay the price for HD. Will i have to get another dish and what type of dish would it be? And (as i heard on the tech...
  15. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    Newbie Questions: About pointing the dish and HD

    Sorry im new to this stuff but I'am learning. Ok first question, when u guys are talking about like oh im pointing my dish at 71 degrees and getting different channels. Tell me how many different ways can you point the dish and how all the dish pointing stuff works and whats the point. Second...
  16. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    10/5/07 Messed Up Hockey Schedual

    I was going through my on screen guide on the NHL Center Ice channels and I noticed that on Friday it was not showing any other games being played on Center Ice except for Pittsburg and Carolina. It shows on the Dish Network NHL Center Ice schedual that they have quite a few more games that...
  17. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    No Sabres On Msg for Dish!!!!!!!

    Whatt!!!!!!! I was going through and i looked for Dish Network and went down to MSG and it didnt say anything about the Sabres Game. (I searched for Oct.5 7:30) So i say hmm whats this? THen i go to the Time Warner Cable Msg and its up there!!! How come i switched to Dish to not...
  18. NoCenterIceNoDishNetwork

    Classic Citcom Moment (involves Dish)

    Well this happened to me about two months ago but it was funny so Im going to tell you. The day i got Dish Network was a dream come true and there was a funny coincidence. The dish guy showed up (on time:up) and I was outside watching him do what he does best setting up Dish Network. As i was...