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  1. SpiffWilkie

    DBV-S2 tuner for media server?

    I'm putting together a linux media server, and am considering adding a satellite tuner to the mix. I'm new to satellite tuners for the PC and am a little overwhelmed trying to find a card that I can use with Ubuntu Server/MythTV and that can get DVB-S2 signals (PBS on AMC 21!!). Anyone around...
  2. SpiffWilkie

    NDF File for KU sats, transponders?

    Does anyone have an updated list of ku sats and tps in NDFedit compatible form? My receiver took a dump this morning, and unfortunately, I don't have a backup tp list that's up to date. Thanks!
  3. SpiffWilkie

    Diamond 9000HD locking up on 8PSK TPs

    Has anyone else had this issue? Previously I had used the Diamond on several 8PSK (and I'm pretty sure QPSK) signals, most notably on 103w. I had the box in storage for several months during a move and now, more often than not, the box completely locks up or resets when I try to view...
  4. SpiffWilkie

    I'm not an HD vs SD snob, but 16x9 vs 4x3...

    I don't mind watching regular shows in 4x3, but I was watching a football game in 4x3 this weekend and it was like watching with blinders on. I didn't realize how much more view of the action we get with a 16x9 broadcast. I'm glad that more and more broadcasters are switching formats this...
  5. SpiffWilkie

    At least their priorities are in order

    THIS blog posting had a couple of pictures of Chinese families in front of their houses with all their possessions. There are just some things you can't live without, eh?
  6. SpiffWilkie

    Guy Wire for Install?

    Do any of you ever use wire to steady your install poles? Perhaps I'm not too good at getting the pole plum in the first place, but I find it good to use some wire and some turnbuckle connectors for fine tuning when I am just barely off...
  7. SpiffWilkie

    Grrrr...trying to install a dish and there's a house in the way

    I moved several months ago and haven't put the dish back up. I went to do it tonight and decided to use the mounting place that the Dish antenna used. It has a nice sturdy mount on the side of the house, just below the roof. Wellll, I neglected to notice that my 36" doesn't have enough...
  8. SpiffWilkie

    To Buy or Not to Buy?

    I just spotted a 4DTV receiver at a local thrift shop. It didn't have a price on it, but judging by other items there, it would probably be about $15. The front cover was falling off (all cables were still attached but the entire face was flopping off of it). Worth the gamble? If it...
  9. SpiffWilkie

    Free 6' mesh BUD in Memphis

    I just moved and unable to use my BUD at my new place. It's a 6' dish that comes apart into 4 pieces. It's old but in good physical condition. I used it for a while on 123W, but didn't cement it in well and the pole went a little crooked. I don't imagine it would be very difficult to get the...
  10. SpiffWilkie

    Help with BYU please.

    I'm in the middle of moving and all my blind scan receivers are packed. I tuned into BYUTV this morning and get no signal. I'm looking at G28 11787 H 15915 which is where I usually get it, but I don't even have a blip on the signal meter. I have seen them switch frequencies and just wanted...
  11. SpiffWilkie

    NPRM for roof peak

    I'm purchasing a new home and was hoping to put a NPRM up for my 36" motorized dish. There aren't any good flat spots so I was looking at one for the roof peak. I've seen some mounts for roof peaks like this: VMP PRM-2 Non-Penetrating Pitched Roof Mount (Grey): Camera &...
  12. SpiffWilkie

    Home Purcjhases and FTA

    Have any of you ever purchased or not purchased a home due to LOS issues? We're in the middle of looking for a home and the first thing I do is see what kind of LOS I'll have for the FTA dishes. I haven't gone as far as to ask the realtor to weed out any properties with crappy southern views...
  13. SpiffWilkie

    Predator Drone Sat Feeds were unencrpted?

    From CNN: Iraqi insurgents hacked Predator drone feeds, U.S. official indicates - Doesn't sound like they were hacked so much as they were ITC.
  14. SpiffWilkie

    I like my FTA

    I'm at my parents' house for the holiday and they have Direct. It sucks. A lot. I've been switching mainly between the locals and ESPN for the football and the picture quality is depressing. Especially the locals. I also hate that the locals are all 4x3. I don't have an HD set at home and...
  15. SpiffWilkie

    Fried Diamond?

    We had a power outage today and then it came on and then went out and then came on and then.... According to the wife, it flashed several times and then went off for a while. It is now back on but she can't get any channels on the satellite. I am at work so I logged on to my Hava and...
  16. SpiffWilkie

    Mounting brackets for dish poles, arm supports

    I got a hughesnet dish a couple of months ago, but I had to leave the brackets on the roof of the house that I got the dish from. I forgot to bring any silicon and the home owner didn't want to remove the brackets without waterproofing the holes left behind. So, my question is, where can I get...
  17. SpiffWilkie

    Google Wave?

    Anyone one here using google wave? I started a FTA for it's just me:D
  18. SpiffWilkie

    Weirdest Feed Name You Remember?

    So, what's the weirdest name that has ever scanned in for you while feed hunting? The other day I was scanning 103w and "Midget Boy" scanned in. I didn't get a chance to see what was on the feed but it made me think about what other names people have seen on feeds? So, how about you?
  19. SpiffWilkie

    Anyone want a 26' dish? :)

    I was talking with a friend tonight who is big into ham radio. I was talking a little bit about FTA and he told me (a little bit tongue-in-cheek) where I could get a 26 footer. It seems a member of the local ham community had a 26 foot dish for the purpose of Earth-Moon-Earth communication. I...
  20. SpiffWilkie

    Looking for a cheap LNB recommendation

    I have a friend who wants to get BYUTV on G28 and has a DirectTV HD dish already installed on his house (he doesn't know the exact size). I have an extra receiver I was going to give him and we were going to try and get BYU with the installed dish (it's a rental and he doesn't want to mess with...