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  1. Dishnetisforme

    little dots in background?

    Hi all I called Directv about the picture quality of it having little black dots floating on dark scenes.They said they would send someone out it is a new install so I doubt it would be messed up but I dont know.Is this a compression problem or my problem? Thanks!
  2. Dishnetisforme

    Geting Directv in apartment

    Hi all I am geting Directv in my apartment.When I first moved in the Landlord said I could get one.My question is do I need a written letter from her saying that I can get one to give to the installer or do they care.I just told Directv on the phone that she said I could get one.thanks!
  3. Dishnetisforme

    Does Dish use two dishes?

    Hi I just ordered Dish from AT$T Dish.I was wanting to find out if they put up two Dishes or just one to receive all the channels?The AT&T guy couldnt tell me.Im just wanting to know what to expect with Dish.Thanks!
  4. Dishnetisforme

    Switched to Dish!

    Well I called AT&T/ Dish Network and switched from Directv.I am happy about my choice so far.I ordered the Everything package with a DVR.For a standard tv.I used to be a Directv fan as you can tell by my name but not no more.The lack of premium channel choices on Directv did me in.Directv does...
  5. Dishnetisforme

    R-15 feature I like

    One R-15 feature I like is when your watching a movie and want to see if its on again just hit info then select for more info and you can see when its on again.I just think its a great thing.I did'nt know about it for awhile so thought I would share it with someone.
  6. Dishnetisforme

    Almost spring Where the heck is SLEUTH!!

    OK I think I have been patient.It was said by spring we would get Sleuth Channel on D*I called D* today and they are still clueless as to when we will get it.Damn it!Why couldn't they have just put it on when they added BET Jazz.Does anyone have any info I don't have?
  7. Dishnetisforme

    Going back to Comcast!

    They finally added CMT to my channel lineup so now am dropping Directv.I will be getting Digital silver which has more channels worth watching than Directv.
  8. Dishnetisforme

    When are we receiving Sleuth!!??

    When are we to get Sleuth Channel.Im in agony waiting for this channel.I know it has to be soon.But when???????? I need my knight Rider!
  9. Dishnetisforme

    I-Independent Television off D*

    Channel 255 will end on 2-28-06.This has been confirmed by a CSR.Its no suprise since most off the night and morning is paid programs.I hope Sleuth goes on in its place.The CSR couldnt tell me what it would be replaced with.
  10. Dishnetisforme

    Lucky for Dish subs!!

    Dish Net. Has just added The Hallmark Movie Channel to the lineup!!!!I have requested this channel many times on Directv by going to: PLUS I have sent emails and the like to Directv this is a very High Quaity Channel what is there problem here? I will...
  11. Dishnetisforme

    No upgrade soon!!!

    I just called directv and asked if there would be an other upgrade soon the answer was no.She said they are still working on it.I hate that the showcases dont work!It was my favorite feature on the Tivo unit.I told her if it does not get fixed soon I will be hooking up my Tivo again and put this...
  12. Dishnetisforme

    Anybody going to downgrade services?

    HI just was wanting to know if anyone was going to downgrade any services in March due to the price increase.I was thinking of getting rid of the tc plus but I would miss GAC!Im still thinking about it.Anyone else thinking about downgrading anything.Thanks.
  13. Dishnetisforme

    Showcases never record on r-15

    I have had my r-15 for over two weeks and it still will not record showcases I dont understand why.
  14. Dishnetisforme

    Hallmark Movie channel ever?

    Will Directv ever get the Hallmark Movie Channel?I have requested it many times but does no good.
  15. Dishnetisforme

    (R-15 owners)power on or off?

    Hi I had a DTivo before and it was on all the time.In the b ooklet it said this was fine.The r-15 on the other hand has a power button with on or off.Do you have to turn it off or can you leave it on all the tiime.I read in the book and cant find anything about this.Thanks!
  16. Dishnetisforme

    My r-15 woes

    I called Directv last week to rder a r-15 from them.The guy assured me at Directv that i would receive a r-15.The guy comes out today with a Tivo!I call Directv and they tell me now there is no way to specificaly get a r-15!Why lie then?I am so very upset!I cant order one online or I would.
  17. Dishnetisforme

    Sundance channel in total choice plus?

    I have Just Total choice plus and Starz.I am receiving the Sundance Channel on 549.I thought it was just for Showtime subs?Is anyone else getting it?
  18. Dishnetisforme

    Satelliteguys toolbar?

    Satelliteguys had a toolbar before where can I get it?Thanks!
  19. Dishnetisforme

    Starz Channels

    How can we get Starz Kids and Family and Starz Comedy on Directv?Theese channels would both be excellent to have dont you think?
  20. Dishnetisforme

    Wynnona in Concert (FREEVIEW)

    I just seen wy in concert she did some country and rock songs it was great.It airs on the freeview channel on Directv throughout the weekends in august just letting anyone know who might be interested.Its FREE!