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  1. hobojoe

    Dish never shut off service VIP622 stolen!!!

    Hello! When I unexpectedly had to leave the country a couple of years ago, I called dish to shut off service. They said all I have to do is call them back up once I return. Well I am back and found that all my things are gone-stolen and the police will not make a report. Reports I have been...
  2. hobojoe

    vip622 counter reset???

    can you reset the counters on the vip622? i have moved it to a cooler spot and want to see if its helping. but it still shows the high temps from day one. resetting all the other info would be nice also! thanks!
  3. hobojoe

    starband new service

    StarBand Rebrand: Nova Goes for "High End" They may not get the attention that cable modems and DSL services have drawn on Wall Street of late, but satellite broadband services are alive and kicking. Such is the implication of today's news that sat broadband service provider StarBand is...
  4. hobojoe

    General Info

    DirecTV Keeps Eye on DVRs, HDTV DirecTV continues to make progress with key products and services while at the same time focusing on quality customers. That's the message the satellite TV company delivered to those in attendance at a Kaufman Bros. investment conference last week. The key...
  5. hobojoe

    Hn Security

    Hughes Network Systems, LLC today announced that it has received Protection of Cardholder Information (PCI) Data Security certification. Of the over 250 companies considered compliant by the Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), the governing body for the PCI standard, Hughes is one...
  6. hobojoe

    dish is only giving $10 for sd receivers!

    :eek: i just got credit for the receiver i sent them. it was for $10. when i called dish they adjusted it and said for now on they are only giving $10!
  7. hobojoe

    protecting my equipment?

    :) well with my new dish1000+ and new VIP622. i want to use more cation in my tinkering. is there any thing i should avoid so i don't blow a switch or receiver up. i shut the power off when connecting switches. the receivers are on computer power/surge supplies. everything is grounded to the...
  8. hobojoe

    811 replacements?

    :) i found a old 811 for really cheap if i add it to my account with the VIP622 just recently installed, would they allow a equipment up grade to a VIP for there free offer? and or if something would happen to it hint hint under the dhpp what would they replace it with? any one do something like...
  9. hobojoe

    pocket dish recomendations?

    :) i have read as much as possible, what little there is on the pocket dish's. i have a VIP622 and now i,m looking at a 4"pocket dish. are there any recommendations? good or bad? thanks!:)
  10. hobojoe

    using a panasat with motor dish on a dishnetwork system?

    :) got another crazy idea that works so far. i have a pansat 2700 that has a output to continue the sat signal to another receiver. i ran this into a dishnetwork SW21 then into a dish301 receiver. it seems to work OK. but i need a better lbn I'm using a dishnetwork lbn. and how can i trick the...
  11. hobojoe

    dish500 for 105 and 121 or other combinations?

    :confused: can a dish500 be used to get 105 and 121 a difference of 14deg? or any of the fallowing; 105+119=14deg/110+121=11deg/119+129=10deg/121+129=8deg? dish500 was designed for 110 and 119 a 9deg difference. i would think a couple deg wouldn't matter. any one try any of these combinations...
  12. hobojoe

    wing dish 500 or 300?

    :confused: I'm seeing a lot of you use a dish 500 instead of a 300 for a add on or wing dish to get a extra sat. is it because of the reflector size or the dp system? I'm getting a dish1000+ in-spite of the outcry's from others i don't need it. and need to add an additional dish to get 148 or...
  13. hobojoe

    hughesnet dish?

    :confused: on there home hughesnet page (residential) the dish is new. it kind of looks like the raven dish. the one that has two lbn holders saddling the trans and lbn Assembly in between. with a new lbn cover. have you heard of a newer dish released? i,m still looking to get a .98 with a...
  14. hobojoe

    leaseing may not be so bad for expensive recivers?

    :eureka i am really up set at this hd upgrade I'm going through, so i added up what the equipment would coast me. using the amounts provided by one of the sponsor links above the vip211 the dish1000+ and the dpp44 switch and shipping to me comes to approx $675.00. Davide that by lets say a high...
  15. hobojoe

    installer no show/refund denied!

    well after dealing with this hd upgrade i called dish to complain. they offered no apology or compensation for the installers no show and no call. so i ask to cancell the upgrade and get a refund of the $49. (vip211 upgrade) they said I'll cancell it but there are no refunds period!!!! in a very...
  16. hobojoe

    useing a fta switch for dish network?

    :) i saw somewhere about a fta switch that could combine a lot of Sat's like 10 to 10 or a 10X10. does anyone know about it or weather you can use one on a dish network system? i want one for my fta also. are they compatible with dish network switches? would it be possible to get a dozen dish...
  17. hobojoe

    for sale! 100ft multi-band dish full hydrolics

    :) USMC-dermo has a 100ft multi-band dish complete with full hydraulics, to move the dish any direction you want! they have striped all the sensitive gear out already but has the computer to point the dish by cordinances. it has a solid steal reflector and ladder getting to the lbn. the building...
  18. hobojoe

    my hd upgrade experiance so far.

    :confused: :(:) well after 2 months of pondering the idea i called to upgrade to HD. instead of the vip622 i originally wanted I'm settling for a vip211. money was the problem. after being with dish for almost 10 years now i Owen every piece of equipment i have. and i have been completely...
  19. hobojoe

    We are doing a "maintenance" beta on IA6 for the next couple weeks.

    :) more testing for the hn7000s on IA6-93west starting next week lasting at least 2 weeks. don't know how much it will effect any one I'll keep you informed as much as i can. they should let me know which transponder next week.
  20. hobojoe

    directv eqipment?

    :) what is the newest and best hd/dvr they have now? and what ever happend to the directv ultimate tv? i love my dishnetwork 7200! which is very similar. and did they drop tivo from there receivers? thanks!:hatsoff: