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  1. sA :: Shaggy

    I just wanna...

    I just wanna keep my owned 922s on my account w/ out having to start another account. Is there any plans in the future to let cust keep VIP and hopper equipment on the same account. ESP if it is owned?
  2. sA :: Shaggy

    only one episode

    So Today while trying to figure out why American Idol (The woman loves it) was deleting every episode past one week old. I found out that somehow it has changed the number of saved episodes in the timer settings to 1. Now I cannot change this as the option is greyed out. Now this is the ONLY...
  3. sA :: Shaggy

    Slim Speakers.

    I am looking for a set of speakers (fronts and center) that are like These ones . Just with out the price tag. My rears are going to be in ceiling, but I just cant put in walls where my tv is. Any Suggestions?
  4. sA :: Shaggy

    A Question to this side of the world...

    So as you can see in my sig I have lots to do with dish. But after a incident with one of my 922s I just wanted to know... Have any of you ever had your recordings just disappear off of your dvrs with no equipment failure?
  5. sA :: Shaggy

    922 WTF

    So watching tv last night all was ok, watched lots of pre recorded shows. checked timers all was fine. Today I now Have no recordings and no timers. My question is WTF just happened. Was there a software update? It seems like the HDD is working fine, it seems like it did a factory...
  6. sA :: Shaggy

    922 DIED

    So im in the middle of a chat right now trying to find out one simple question. I bought my 922 the day after it came out. My box has now died. (shuts off ever 20 min). So when I replace my 922 with a new one... Will I still own that box. And will it still show up in the system as owned...
  7. sA :: Shaggy

    Activating a SD receiver

    So, Im trying to help out a friend. She has a 722 and wanted to add 2 more rooms sd with dvr. I suggested she get a 625 because it would fit. She also wanted to make sure she wasn't under contract. So After looking around she found a 625 with a clean account history and bought it. I have...
  8. sA :: Shaggy

    shut off 922?

    I just turned on my 922 and all my channels are missing. Anyone else having this issue? It was working up till 10pm pst.
  9. sA :: Shaggy

    setting up network.

    I am trying to setup my network for all my needs. I ran all new CAT5 lines to each room in my house. Right now I have my Uverse gateway in the office feeding 2 desktop computers threw cat5. I have one 612 on cat5 in the living room and now my 922 in my bedroom off another cat5. So...
  10. sA :: Shaggy

    get it cheap... for now.

    Ebay seller. NEW Model DISH SLING Loaded VIP922 HD DVR vip 922 722 - eBay (item 270560527664 end time Apr-09-10 10:27:23 PDT)
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    dont steal from dish

    Prepaid Debit Card Scam
  12. sA :: Shaggy

    Fireplace channel

    Is there going to be a fireplace channel this year on Dish? I heard bell does it sometimes. This would come in pretty handy seeing my tv hides my entire fireplace. lol
  13. sA :: Shaggy

    Did dish hire this guy for marketing?

    YouTube - WKUK- RC Glow just for fun. lol
  14. sA :: Shaggy

    Sat Signals off 129

    did 129 just take a nose dive. i was watching a few hd channels and bam they all locked up. i went to go check the signals and im hitting 7-9 on the meter. I will probably go out in a min to repeak but i wanted to see if anyone else was having issues.
  15. sA :: Shaggy

    my conspiracy theory

    ok, these are just my personal thoughts on the info i have and actions dish has been doing. Great news with the aug 15th mpeg4 conversion with voom and external hdd for the 622/722 (only). How many of you think they couldn't actually make external support for the 942? I highly doubt this is the...
  16. sA :: Shaggy

    dish pointing

    can someone explain to me why today while i was messing with my dish using a regular single lnb i hit 110 (very easily), but i was trying to hit 119. so looking at the lnb bracket 119 is left of 110, so being ( i guess stupid) me i moved it to the left. hit diff sats im guessing 129 (idk it...
  17. sA :: Shaggy

    signal help

    Im in the Sacramento area and i get very low signal with my dish 1000 (mostly around 60s and w/ rain 50s if it doesnt drop lol). I was wondering how much better signal i should expect to get if i switch to a dish 1000 plus (110,118,119,129)? im asking because im tempted to get one of the china...
  18. sA :: Shaggy

    another pirate goes down

    C/P Quebec man arrested in satellite signal theft probe Last Updated: Thursday, April 19, 2007 | 4:23 PM ET CBC News Police in Quebec's Eastern Townships are accusing a man of running a website out of his home to sell equipment that can illegally intercept satellite signals...
  19. sA :: Shaggy

    Poll:: HD Guide setup

    Do you think that the HD channels in the guide should have a different color then the regular SD sat feeds? As of right now Dish has their four colors:: Blue: Sat feed Yellow: OTA feed Red: Call to order Green: click to order COLOR : HD sat feed??? so maybe a purple or maybe a black...
  20. sA :: Shaggy

    test picture?

    i remember something about a test screen every now and again but i cant seem to find out when dish is going to be playing it. if anyone has info that would be great.