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  1. jdmacor

    Need Suggestions For Stabilizing Pole Mount

    Hey guys. I had a question about pole stabilization. I am living in Houston now and today has been very windy. I kept getting the "Acquiring Signal" screen, so I took a peek out at my balcony, and my dish was wobbling on its pole. Crap. Well the bottom line is I lost signal for most of the day...
  2. jdmacor

    Paperless Campaign

    So I just got a call from Dish letting me know that they are now going paperless. I always thought I had signed up for paperless, but they were just stupid and kept sending me statements. Well, it turns out I was signed up for autopay, which still involves plenty of paper. Anywho, it was an...
  3. jdmacor

    Share One DVR's Ethernet Connection Over Powerline

    I just had a 722k installed today, to go along with another 722. My question is whether it is possible to have one connected via ethernet to the internet, and then have the other receiver, in the other room, share that connection, via powerline technology. In the manual it states that it can...
  4. jdmacor

    Terk TV44 - Wing Dish Installation

    I have searched and found that the TV44 will work fine with a 722 and the process seems easy enough. However, this will be my first self-install of *anything* so I am worried I will kill my satellite. That will be followed by my girl friend killing me. At any rate, I was wondering if the fact...
  5. jdmacor

    iPhone Friendly Version

    I love the iphone friendly version of this site. It is a nice lite version. I was just wondering why when there is a blockquote in a thread, it says "Quote de whoever". Is it a setting of mine? No big deal, but just kinda funny.
  6. jdmacor

    Small Technical Question

    One feature on my old Comcast DVR was that I could be in the middle of watching a show or movie or something, push the record button, and the DVR would start the recording using the already buffered content and then start adding on to the recording. Dish's receiver just starts recording from the...
  7. jdmacor

    I Can't Watch Dark Knight on Dish PPV

    I am not sure if this has been brought up yet, but I can't watch the Dark Knight on PPV. I checked the guide info on Dish's website, and I should find the HD ppv on channel 534, but the guide doesn't have it. It just skips over the channel. I have it set to show 'all channels' and there are no...