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  1. jimdandyvi

    Fishing wires through walls.

    It can be done with some patience. The trick will be to keep your fish tape from snagging on the insulation ?For safety I would not pull an extension through the wall but instead pull some flexible plastic jacketed electrical cable up through the wall and install an outlet behind the TV.
  2. jimdandyvi

    Printer is NUTS!

    I used to have problems with my HP if a print job failed or gets terminated. Spooler file would get corrupted. Only way I could fix it was power off printer and power off PC ( just restarting would not flush out spooler).
  3. jimdandyvi

    Al Jazeera America $5.00 a la carte ?

    Why do you need HD for a news channel? Particularly this channel where they hire journalist to present the news and not ex beauty queens and good looking jocks.
  4. jimdandyvi

    DDNS Question

    DDNS provides you with the equivalent of a static public IP address to facilitate you or other individuals to access resources on your network. It is useful for viewing security cameras or if you are running a web site on your home network. Just remember if you set your network from the...
  5. jimdandyvi

    Which Email to use?

    All the spammers spend time and energy to get around filters. The best solution is to have an account for close and trusted friends and family. A second account for commercial
  6. jimdandyvi

    2 routers / 1 Modem

    I have the setup you want. My primary router is direct connect to local ISP. Second router VPN to Miami and the third router VPN to London. Depending on what IP I need I connect to the router using WiFi. Both VPN routers are connected from a LAN port on the primary port to the WAN port on...
  7. jimdandyvi

    Powerline adapters

    They work fine. I use them to provide an Internet connection from my media center to my primary router. My Slingbox is connected using powerline over Ethernet and I get a steady 4 Mbps connection all day long. Link rate for this link shows at about 20 Mbps. Other adapters on my network get...
  8. jimdandyvi

    Help with streaming movies from Hopper......

    VPN To use a VPN you have to sign up and establish an account with a VPN provider. I use StrongVPN and highly recommend them. I have used HMA and don't recommend them. They have servers in a number of different cities in nineteen countries worldwide. I pay $85 per year for an OpenVPN...
  9. jimdandyvi

    Help with streaming movies from Hopper......

    To get around this he will need to run a VPN on his PC. He will need to connect using a VPN server on the west coast. Using a VPN given the distance and processor overhead will speed by 10 - 40%. Speed loss will be even worse if he tries to run VPN on router.
  10. jimdandyvi

    Help with streaming movies from Hopper......

    Sounds like your son is being geo blocked.
  11. jimdandyvi

    Dish Fees Explained.

    But with a cable subscription you have the opportunity to save some money if you furnish your own equipment. You can use a cable card in a smart TV or even buy a Tivo Premiere for as little as $99 if you want a DVR or whole house DVR set up. You will have to pay either the lifetime or...
  12. jimdandyvi

    Cablevision loses customers

    TW and Comcast also lost subs but they also reported higher revenue per sub. Everyone is interested in retaining their most profitable subs and let the rest do what they want. Previously losses and adds we're a zero sum game with someone's losses being another's gain. Now there has been a...
  13. jimdandyvi

    We Need Your Help!

    US Virgin Islands While our channel line up is similar to Puerto Rico it is not the same: 10 WVXF 14 WVGN (Note in you listing you show Charlotte Amalie as being PR it actually in St Thomas - VI ) 17 WSJP 18 WSEEP 20 WPRU 24 WSJX 60 PBS This is the entire local line up we receive...
  14. jimdandyvi

    Hopper Voltage Issue

    Just another couple of pieces of electrical trivia. Most everyone knows that AC power fluctuates over the sine wave. The volts you see on your meter is a derived number supposed to be equivalent of 120 volts DC. In fact it is approximately 170 volts at the peak. Most surge protectors don't...
  15. jimdandyvi

    Voltage on fittings?

    The above gadgets are good and if you see problems you still may want to use a multimeter. When you test the voltage hot to neutral then hot to ground you want the readings to be approximately equal. If you have metallic conduits, which were used to provide the ground, then over time rust...
  16. jimdandyvi

    New Dish Subscriber; Only 3 Tuners On The Hopper?

    If you most always are watching recorded shows then you are not using tuners. You could be watching two or three pre recorded shows and still have three tuners available for recording additional programming.
  17. jimdandyvi

    Dish Anywhere Streaming Speed

    Probably that is as fast that they are going to send it to you. Anything above 5 Mbps should give you good to excellent HD pictures as long as the connection is steady and the latency doesn't vary significantly. If they sent you the video at 50 Mbps they would not have the bandwidth to serve...
  18. jimdandyvi

    VPN Providers

    I pay StrongVPN $85 for OpenVPN that I run on my router. PPTP is almost worthless as a security measure as it has been hacked. The only time I use PPTP is on my Iphone when I am logging onto a public WiFi AP. Still using PPTP I would never log onto my banking or other critical web sites...
  19. jimdandyvi

    211K Buffer

    No problems recently with either of my 211s which both have EHD.
  20. jimdandyvi

    VPN Providers

    If you want to use a VPN running on a router and speed matters then look at the VPN routers from Sabai Technology and if you want the ultimate setup look at their VPN accelerator. Their equipment is tested to work easily with several VPN providers including StrongVPN. Sabai's tech support...