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  1. trevorjd

    Using DISH install Coax Cables for DirecTV

    On Monday I am having a HMC installed, 34 + HD Receiver, and was wondering if they will be able to use my existing DISH cables that were run, or if they will want to drill new holes, etc? I currently have the 722k from DISH. Thanks.
  2. trevorjd

    $600 Challenge

    I have a $600 budget or so...give or take some... for a home theater system. I would prefer to not have a my challenge, given my budget and needs/wants below, what is the best I can do? Needs -5.1 Surround Sound -3D HDMI AV Receiver -Blu-ray Player Wants -AirPlay compatible -Front...
  3. trevorjd

    DISH Contract Expiring

    My contract is set to expire with a few days here, and I currently have the 722k DVR. I would like to the new Hopper/Joey set up in my next round with Dish, but am wondering about the best way to go about getting that done. My best guess (but why I am seeking guidance) is that leverage will be...
  4. trevorjd

    Northern Indiana Regional Sports Network

    I live in Goshen, IN, about 30 miles straight east of South Bend. Prior to the Fox contract negotiations my regional sports networks were Comcast SportsNet out of Chicago and Fox Sports Midwest. Because of my closeness to Chicago I was able to get both. I am also a subscriber to the Multi-Sport...